Jan 19, 2016

Checklist Tips You Need To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is exciting and yet a daunting task. It will increase the value and adds glamour to the house. Bathroom renovating can be simply painting a new coat, or may be new flooring, windows treatments and may also include plumbing services, electrical services etc.


According to your finance, first set a budget regarding how much you are willing to spend on the bathroom renovation. Doing so will give you a much greater idea and help you make decisions of what you should include in your remodel. Subtract the allocated labor charge from the total amount. This way you will have wider sense of how much amount to be spent on the fixtures, tiles and other extras. Visit home remodeling San Diego reviews for better remodeling service of your bathroom at a reasonable price.

Check important bathroom remodeling tips

·         Working in sequence
Renovation of bathroom will be easier if the entire job is completed in a particular pattern so that you will save time in cleaning up and other tasks. Always start from the top of your kitchen whether you want to repaint or demolish sheetrock. First remodel your ceiling, then comes the walls and then the floors, so that no damage of the new component is being made.

·         Hidden problems
Depending on the age of your kitchen and the way it was built, you will encounter various hidden problems like water pipe damage, sealing, etc. Look out for all the plumbing and electrical problems.

·         Design and functionality
Design and functionality should be complementary. So consider by whom and how the bathroom will be used. Design the plan of the bathroom will fit and function with the rest of the house.

·         Measurement
Shopping without the proper measurement might end up buying stuffs, which doesn’t fit. So knowing the right specifications and correct measurement is very much necessary, before going to store.
·         Contractor
It will be a smart decision if you hire a contractor, considering the difficultly of the operations like electrical, plumbing, tiling, etc. involved.

·         Features and fixtures
Make sure that you repair fixtures and the features. Checklist such options separately like shower and taps, sink, toilet, faucets, bidet and also the shower head. You can also consider updating and repairing your shower doors and mirrors.

·         Cabinets, shelving and storage -
Planning cabinets, storage and shelving solution is quite a difficult task. They must be fitted in the available space making the most of it, and above all, it should be stylish. They should be properly functional and also accommodate all your stuff, keeping everything within the reach.

Any material that is waterproof is more preferable for the walls and the floor surface. Depending on your budget, you can add styles and other accessories like new towels, soap dishes, wash clothes, mirrors, bath mats, etc. Another thing you should also consider is the proper ventilation of your bathroom. Proper ventilation prevents hot water steam from gathering on your shower wall and also the bathroom mirror.

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