Jan 18, 2016

4 Amazing Guest Bedroom Ideas

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Once in awhile there comes a period for family gatherings and friendly visits, and it may find you short on space. That is, if your friends and family members do not live near you. If you live in a relatively small house or apartment, it can get crowded unless you arrange your residence properly so to be able to create a guest room.

Many households do not even have enough space for a guest room. And if they do, it is typically turned into a home office, storage room, or simply into premises that will be used on a more consistent basis. However, even the most compact space can be turned into an area reserved for welcoming your dear visitors and guests. There are various ways and techniques for making the most of a small room, and maximizing the space by designing it strategically.

Separate Your Spaces

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When it comes to accommodating your guests, it is necessary to provide them with a room in which they will have their own privacy. The Outdoor Room is basically a separate building, not only a separate room, and all you need for space separation is a good room divider. You can choose from a variety of:

·         Stylish space dividers that match the interior color scheme and overall design;
·         Heavy curtains to split the premises into two (or more) areas;
·         Bookshelves - A great choice, as they can serve both as storage and room separators.

Private Bathroom

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By having a private bathroom installed for your guests, you will provide them with some privacy. Otherwise, they would have to go from one facility to another just to take a shower or brush their teeth, which can be a little tricky. So, creating even a half-bath will be great, just so they could satisfy their basic needs. Suggested design tips for a small guest bathroom are:
·         Avoid dark colors, because they make spaces appear smaller. Use cheerful, neutral color shades;
·         Maximize floor space by using floating or wall-mounted basins and cabinetry;
·         LED lighting and backlit shelving adds a feeling of depth;
·         Enhance the sense of scale by using large rectangular tiles, laid in a brick pattern.


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Lighting greatly affects one’s room perception, but also the feeling of comfort. It is simple: use less space when bringing in more light:
·         Let the natural light in by mounting large windows or glass sliding doors with custom blinds and shades ;
·         Mount some stylish mirrors on the walls of your guest room. They create the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light;
·         Track and pendant lighting are great, space-efficient ways for illuminating a small room, because they do not occupy space the way floor or table lamps do.

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A small guest bedroom should be designed to be space-efficient and to provide your guests with the sense of comfort. Bring in enough light, use multi-purpose furniture, and find creative and interesting ways for separating the space. Also, a small half-bathroom should not be a luxury, so make sure you give your guests enough privacy and a sense that you care for their well-being.

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