Jan 22, 2016

Air Conditioner Water Leakage - Reasons Behind AC Leakage

Air conditioner is one of the most important parts of the HVAC system of your house. You need to maintain it on regular basis. Any kind of mistake or negligence may lead to damage in your AC. One of the most common problems that you face is the leakage in your air conditioner.

Most of the time, you might neglect it and don’t try to know what is the problem. It is possible that there might be a serious issue. Thus, you must know whether water is leaking from your air conditioner, and what other possible causes may be there.

Water Leakage and Causes

There may be several problems that finally make your air conditioner leak water.
·         The drain lines connected to your air conditioner sometimes get clogged due to mold, dirt or sludge. Thus, the water is collected at a place and backs up in your house. You must check that your drain is clean and if not, then contact the plumber or service man to get it fixed
·         If your air conditioner is too old, then there is a possibility that your drain pan might be rusted or is damaged, making the water fall right off the pan.
·         When your indoor air conditioner unit is installed in your basement, you have a condensed pump to push the water outside. If your AC is leaking water, then there is also a chance that condensed pump may be damaged. In this case, you will have to call the professional as fast as you can and get it fixed.
·         You need to check and maintain your AC’s air filter. If your air filter gathers dust and remains dirty, then it may block the airflow over evaporator coil, which leads to freezing of the coil. It then melts and water leakage happens.
·         One of the most common causes of water leakage in your air conditioner is low refrigerant that has low pressure in your air conditioner system, which also freezes the evaporator coil. It then melts, which leads to leaking of water.

What to do when water leaks?

When you notice that water is leaking from your air conditioner, don’t hesitate and contact the repair person. First check the amount of leakage that is coming from your air conditioner.
·         If less water is coming out near your drain pipe, then don’t panic. It’s normal when your air conditioner has to work with extra pressure on hot and humid days.
·         Normally, your air conditioner should only leak a little, when it’s operating. If the leakage is very high, then contact any good professional nearby or the company professional you bought the air conditioner from.

Water Leakage in your air conditioner might sound a small problem, but there may be a serious defect that can severely damage your air conditioner. Don’t neglect it and check for the problem immediately. You can also contact Carini air conditioning San Diego to get a professional for your AC water leakage problem, and they are known to offer best repairing and plumbing service.

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