Jan 20, 2016

Vital Factors to Consider While Choosing PV Powered Lighting

PV lighting means lights powered by electricity produced from the solar panels. Some popular examples include pathway or garden lights.  There are the parking lot luminaries including solar panel on its top. Usually, such stand-alone or off-grid systems have only a single power source that is SUN.

Hybrid and utility-connected systems are very complicated because solar energy is blended with different power sources. It includes wind powered generators, utility-generated grid and fossil fuel-powered generators.

Night time off-grid lighting applications

Solar energy is collected in a single or more PV panels and stored in batteries. At night, the energy is released to power the light sources.

Components of PV lighting system

·         PV panels
·         Electronics (inverter, timer, switch, battery charge controller)
·         Batteries
·         Light sources (lamps)
·         Luminaries

Initial cost of purchase and maintenance cost (of several components) is high in comparison to grid connected traditional lighting system. In addition, installing and designing PV lighting system is more intricate than the conventional grid-powered system.

Vital factors to consider while selecting PV lighting

Quantity of solar irradiance

Solar radiation that the earth receives is 1367 W/sq m. However, as the solar radiation traverse the air mass, the amount reduces. Solar radiation means the radiant energy released by the sun.

Solar irradiance means the radiant flux amount on any surface. At sea level, solar irradiation is low. Generally, low solar radiance becomes available as you move farther from the equator. Weather too affects solar radiance for example it is longer in summer than winter. Solar irradiance gets affected by trees, snow, buildings, and dirt on PV panels.

Aesthetics & structural concerns

Large PV panels can appear awkward. Wind load and structural support has to be considered to avoid hazards. If you decide to install small PV panels then both visual and structural worries will be reduced, but power generating capacity of PV panels will be restricted. Learn more about large and small solar panels visiting - los-angeles.solar

Cost vs. performance

From users point PV lighting system comprises of more components, so they are expensive than grid-powered lighting sources. However, in regions where grid-powered electricity is unavailable extending cable lines is very expensive. PV off-grid power system is a good alternative to provide lights at a camp ground in the remote mountains.

Most suitable PV lighting applications

·         In remote locations like nature preserves, mountain areas, state and national parks or towns & rural villages
·         Residential garden or landscape
·         Parking in remote regions
·         Waterfront areas and docks

People can see the pathway properly and can avoid hazards like falling or tripping. In parks and campgrounds, PV lights are pleasing because they allow you to see and navigate safely in appropriate direction.

Night time lighting applications that need moonlight levels are basically well-suited for PV systems. Just a small amount of DC power has to be stored in the provided battery.

The light can be used for a limited period, at night. Thus, the solar panels chosen can be small, inexpensive and can be easily incorporated into a luminary design. In addition, the cost of the batteries is less.  

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