Nov 2, 2015

How to Banish Mold from Your Bathroom

Every house in modern world suffers from this pestilence. Very hard problem to tackle, mold is easy to spot in most of the cases. Microscopic fungi colonies are usually black, dark green or yellowish pigmented. They can survive in most harsh conditions, such as Siberian forests, so it is no wonder that they simply thrive in our bathrooms.

Deny conditions
Mold needs certain conditions, in order to thrive. First one is water, so this is why bathrooms are such convenient ground. Next one is heavy, damp air, which can be caused by shower steam. To avoid these terms, it is of utmost importance to keep your bathroom dry. If you have window(s) installed, keeping them open overnight is a good thing to do, for all of the extra steam will be winded out.

Closer look
It is also important to react as soon as you notice black spots. This makes your job easier, for naturally there will be smaller area to clean. Also, good rule of thumb is to do prevention cleaning, so even the spores (from which mold grows) are eliminated as well.

Knowing where to look
Mold is not growing just on surface. It can be held within the walls, as well as under built-in bath tub, if you have one. Tough and hard-to reach spots are rarely used, so that is where you should look first. Also, if your floor does not have quality groundwork, it is possible for you to find unwanted visitors underneath the tiles.

Check your installations
Overall, pipes and similar installations are in tight connections with these pests. If it happens that you spot wet stain on the same spot all the times, it means that you have leaking pipe. Calling the expert is of utmost importance, especially because the longer pipe leaks, the bigger structural damage it can cause.

Special kind of paint can be used for non-tiled walls in bathroom, in order to prevent mold from even forming. These are easy to apply, and whole wall can be painted with them, or just affected areas. It is completely up to you.

Chemical solutions that can be applied to stop mildew are available at almost every store and market. On the other hand, if you are less keen on spending money on such things, mixing 10% of bleach and 90% of water might be as well effective. Chlorine from bleach will prevent forming new mold.

Places where you cannot look
No matter how hard you look, sometimes it is impossible to check. Most importantly,tend to blocked drains as they are a good place for mold to grow. Since these places are often unreachable, it would be wiser to hire a professional, so they will do all the work for you.

When all things from above are taken into consideration, it is not impossible to get rid of mold in a bathroom, although it can be quite persistent. Good prevention and thorough cleaning will do the trick. 

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