Nov 20, 2015

Ten Ways to be a Good Tenant
You agree or not, but the relationship between a landlord and a tenant is like Tom & Jerry. They both never fail to blame each other for any kind of disputes. If a tenant complains that the plumbing of the house is not good, inevitably the landlord will say that the tenant never pays his dues within the time. But if you’re a student or have come to a new city for a job, you should keep a good relationship with your landlord and neighbours. They can help you in need, after all. So, why not start from your side to be a good tenant? Surely, you can create fine concept for you in your landlord’s mind. Here are the qualities of a good tenant-

Go through the Lease Carefully

If you have a well-rounded lease, then it will protect you from any further tenants’ rights issue. Therefore, read the lease before you sign it. Good landlords, usually, sit with tenants and set the terms and conditions. If you have any special issues like friends and family visits regularly, tell him before signing. Also, don’t go for verbal promises. Make sure he makes it written. Ask a copy of a lease and keep it safely.

Follow the Terms-

The lease is made to follow. So, don’t overrule it. Maybe the small points are not counted, but your landlord remembers everything and can keep those as hidden cards. So, don’t break the rules if you want to keep a peaceful relation with the landlord of houses on rent in Mumbai.

Pay Rent Positively

 Do you want to be on the good book of your landlord? Never fail to pay rent within time. Don’t wait for the last date of payment. You definitely don’t want your landlord to remind you several times for rent. This habit can keep you safe if you are late in any months due to financial hardship. But don’t forget to inform your landlord about your late payment.

Treat Well

Suppose, you’ve a house and give it to rent, then how will you feel if someone treats your house like hell? So, don’t make any serious damages as that will annoy your landlord. Also, such severe damage can affect your security deposit. You definitely don’t want to spend extra bucks for pointless repairs.

Keep Good Relation with Neighbours

Often landlords get irritated to solve matters between tenant and neighbours. Don’t drag your landlord into those which you can solve yourself while staying in apartment or flat for rent in Mumbai. If you keep good relation to your neighbour they won’t report your landlord against you. Also, if you have any problem with a neighbour, talk to him directly. The main goal is to live peacefully without complaining.

Be Honest

Often tenants lie about sending payments, or become surprised why the check has bounced. Never do such things. If someone is showing trust on you, you must be respectful of that.

Be Able to Pay

Know your limits. If you are able to pay for the whole house then only rent it. Otherwise, you can take part of the house at a rent. That will be convenient to you too, as you have less to maintain.

Have Clear Background

Never lie about your whereabouts from your landlord. You must give him your identification proof. Your landlord will go through a background check. If he finds anything wrong in your workplace or about yourself, you won’t get the house.

Good Reference

Your present landlord may want to check the references from your previous landlords. If you keep good relation with everyone, it won’t be difficult to find a house according to your choice.

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