Nov 10, 2015

The Evolution of Low Rent Carpet Cleaners

With the help of technology, carpet cleaning also did not fall behind and continued to grow and made their own innovations to keep up with the ever changing lifestyle. With the upgrades of the new world, it evoked a lot of changes and helped clean homes and carpet cleaning in your Adelaide home is so much easier. Our methods became more simplified compared to how they do it back then.
To give you a brief idea on how we got here to this point in time wherein we use machines to clean our homes, here is a recap on how floor and carpet cleaning were done before. This is how carpet cleaning evolved through the years.

Early 1800’s
Back in the day, before the invention of electrical powered suction cleaners, carpet cleaning methods came forth in the 19th century as historical evidence proves it. Back then, they made sure to protect the carpets by covering it wholly with heavy woolen goods called druggets. Drugget, defined as a wool of partly wool fabric; a coarse durable cloth used as a floor covering.

In the 1830s, stain removal methods were invented by housewives or at least some secrets on how to remove grease stains, ink and oil from carpets. The procedure involves scrubbing the carpet with lemon juice with a loaf of bread, if you can believe. Then, it is rinsed thoroughly and left outside to dry.

From 1860s to 1870s
During the 1860s to the 70s however, carpet cleaning techniques changed for the better. Tea leves were a very popular carpet cleaner but it also left stains on the carpet so they made use of fresh-cut grass for sweeping off dust and dirt from carpers instead.

In the 1870s, lo and behold, vacuum cleaners were introduced. The first manually-operated vacuum cleaner known as the Whirlwind (invented by Ives W. McGaffey) was described to be lightweight yet difficult to handle. Even so, it has made cleaning and sweeping dusts of off floors much easier.

By the 1900s
The 1900s proved to be as another turning point for carpet cleaning. Thi first electrically powered carpet sweeper as deemed by inventor, CorineeDufour. Then came forth Hubert Cecil Booth’s electrically powered cleaner that he built and called it the Puffing Billy which is operated by an electric motor. But during the course of the 1920 to 19330, the vacuum cleaning industry lost its trend due to the Great Depression and during World War II people have shifted their attention.­

After the Second World War
After the war, do-it-yourself cleaning solutions were brought back and by the early ‘50s janitorial services grew exponentially. By then, carpet cleaning technology had truly developed and carpet cleaning machines have improved – from the cleaning solutions to its electrical powered vacuums and steam cleaners. They are more effective and efficient in cleaning, not to mention the vacuums of today’s time are compact sized. No home has ever been complete without these items on hand.

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