Nov 10, 2015

Follow These Safety and Security Tips and Protect Your Family from Garage Door Mishaps

Have you got new garage door installed in your house? Are the doors making your house look beautiful? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, then there is something serious that needs your consideration. It is the safety and security of the garage door and your family members including your pets.
Whenever you get new equipment in the house, do not forget to read the manual for safety measures. The same thing applies to the garage doors. Once you get the new doors installed, do not make the mistake of throwing the user manuals in your drawers. Rather, read it fully and follow the tips and find out more on how you can save your family from garage door mishaps:

Do not ignore the technology
New garage doors come with latest technology. If you are not a techie geek, you might feel hesitation in operating the functions. Do not make this mistake. Open the manual and read about the technology used in the doors. Embrace it by learning how to operate the doors to make your life easy and to keep the security check in order.

Educate your children
Not just you, even your children are required to be educated about the technology. Make them understand the technology, but do not ask them to operate the doors. Tell them about the safety measures and suggest them not to play with the garage doors.

Even a small mishap can cause big damage. Ask your children to stay away from the garage doors. If they have to be near the door do not forget to keep an eye on them.

Always keep the door closed
Under any circumstance, do not leave the garage doors open. This may lead to serious problems. Wild animals around can enter your house if the door is open. Or, thieves might be looking for chance to get into the house. Therefore, always keep the garage doors closed. Double check if the doors are locked properly every time you leave the house.

Spend a little on regular maintenance
Garage door is probably one of the largest moving equipment in your house. Therefore, spend a little on the maintenance in order to let it function properly. You can call a garage repair specialist and ask him to visit your house once in a month. He is the right person to do the check and see if everything is in order. Do not make the mistake of doing the maintenance or repair on your own, as you may miss many of the functionalities, which a specialist will only be able to detect.

Do the safety check regularly
Similar to maintenance, you should also be checking the safety measures related to the door frequently. It is advised that you check if the functionalities are in order. You should check the reverse function of the doors frequently as this is probably one of the biggest contributor to mishaps.

Always keep the windows covered
Windows add extra appeal to the garage doors but do not leave them open. Cover them with beautiful curtains and add that much needed charm to the entire exterior.

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