Nov 3, 2015

What are the 5 Phases of Office Design?

The process of creating a brand new office design can often seem quite daunting, particularly for those who’ve never done this before or have very little hands on experience. To make it more manageable, the process can be broken down into 5 separate phases – vision, definement, search and find, design and implementation. We have outlined each of these phases in more detail below to show you that the process doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think.

1.   Vision Phase
In this first phase, you will develop and gain clarity for the vision of your future office space, expansion or other change that you wish to make. In most cases, this will actually occur about 18 months before the new space is opened and can take around 6 months to complete. This is also when you should set a target date to open, as well as determine the milestones that you need to achieve in order to meet this opening date.

2.   Definement Phase
In this second phase, you will define the parameters and goals for the office design. Your business plan is established or revised, your financial planning is taken care of, you’ll come up with ideas for your marketing campaign, and the company name and logo is developed (if required). Other areas that require your consideration include how much space you require and concepts for the aesthetic image of your brand.

3.   Search & Find Phase
In this third phase, you’ll begin looking for a new office space (if required) and determining how you’re going to fund the project. You might want to think about employing the services of a real estate agent if you don’t have the time to search yourself. Once you’ve found a space, you need to determine how it’s going to be used, whether it needs any modifications and how much these will cost to complete.

4.   Design Phase
In this fourth phase, you will begin preparing for the opening of your new office design. This is where all design and permit work will be completed – including layout, finishes, colour, furniture and lighting. If you need to hire new staff, this is the best time to do it. It’s also the best time to start implementing your marketing campaign. In most cases, this will take between 6 and 4 months to complete.

5.   Implementation Phase
In this fifth and final phase, construction itself will occur, as will all of the tasks required for your opening to go ahead as planned. This could include training your staff, arranging for the delivery of furniture and equipment, receiving your Certificate of Occupancy, and making sure that all of the systems are working. Generally, it will take between 2 and 16 weeks to complete this phase.

We hope that the information provided above has given you a better understanding of how an office design is created. Whether this is your first time undertaking such a process or whether you’ve done it dozens of times before, it can always help to have a little extra information. The final piece of advice that we wanted to leave you with is to hire a professional – they will have a number of years of experience that they can draw on, so use it!

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