Nov 21, 2015

6 Tricks to Make Your Curb Appeal More Appealing

Is your house living up to its real value? Does it need repairing or at least some freshening up? Help yourself and your house feel comfortable and valuable by doing some remodeling on the exterior. Make your curb more appealing and welcoming and avoid being judged as a person who neglects its house and its comfort. Here are some tricks for staying beautiful on the outside.
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Enhance the Architecture

To make your house more valuable and appealing you need to work on its architecture. Repair everything that has to be repaired, from roof to the very base. Change the window frames, doors, freshen up your patio and balconies, and repaint everything. If something has to be added, make sure to add it. If something has to be removed to make your house more balanced in every possible way, remove it. Create the perfect balance on the outside and you will feel more balanced and safe inside your house.

Paint It right

Colors affect people in many ways. That is why it is important for your house to be painted right. Flashy and tacky colors like some shades of orange, yellow or green should not be used for a facade because they are too strong. Also, you should avoid dark colors because you do not want to make your house depressing. The best choices for painting your house are pastel and calm colors that give away a pleasant peaceful feeling even on the first glance. Another great idea is repainting your garage doors or even the whole garage to match the whole exterior.

Beautiful Garden

Among other things that are catching to the eye is a beautiful garden in front of your house. You should grow at least a small garden so the entrance to your yard and home would be more welcoming. You can decide on some traditional gardens with a few decoration plants and simple furniture or you can choose a more contemporary garden design and make your front yard look spectacular.

Odd and Unique Front Door

To give your home more personality and character you should try some odd or unique designs for your front door. Think of weird shapes, or some strong colors that are catching to the eye and that will give your home more spirit. Also, you could put a nice new interesting door knocker or install a bell that sounds unusual.

Repair the Driveway and Other Paths

Home renovation also means repairing everything that has to be repaired. If your driveway and paths around the house are worn out you should refresh them. There are numerous cement blocks in many shapes and colors. Make your driveway colorful and welcoming for you, your family and guests. Paths that go to your front door or garden should be repaired. You can use cement, pavement or even stone blocks for your garden paths so they would last longer and look more playful.

Light up Your Porch

Lights can change the look of your whole house and exterior. To make your home welcoming even during the evenings and nights you should think of replacing old lights on your porch and around your house. Instead of having small and dull lamps on, be bold and put some big and unique lamps on your porch so you could add some warmth to your evening relaxation. Also, you could set up small lamps in front of you porch or garden, or arrange few of these along your driveway.

By making your curb and exterior more appealing your house could be the best one in the neighborhood. Additionally, you would increase its value and you could enjoy more knowing that your house looks great on the outside, too.

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