Nov 17, 2015

Ease Recovery or Sore Joints with a Rise and Recline Chair

Ask any older person what the hardest thing about sitting down is and they will likely tell you it is getting back up. It is harder on the joints of an older person to stand up because everything aches and getting into position takes a lot longer. This is why a rise and recline chair can be the best present that an elderly person ever receives. Instead of rendering them immobile, a rise and recline chair does the hard work for them lifting them back up into a standing position. This allows them to safely relax without any worries about getting stuck. It is equally as beneficial for someone recovering from an injury to their lower extremities for many of the same reasons.
rise and recline chair
One nice thing about rise and recliner chairs is that they can be custom made to fit the needs of the buyer. There are certain things that are taken into account to make sure that each rise and recliner chair is effective for the intended person. For instance, their height and overall weight is a very important thing to make sure that they are comfortably lifted back up. Of course, home d├ęcor is another consideration and there are many different types of rise and recliner chairs available to help make sure that you can comfortably incorporate it into your home.

A rise and recliner chair could really help someone that feels they always need to rely on their caregiver for help with things. Constantly needing to ask someone else for help can get very tiring, but with rise and recliner chair you will finally be able to get up and down on your own. This one thing can help you feel more independent as you will not find yourself stranded until your caregiver can come help you stand back up again. It makes it easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Plus, since most of the chairs are also orthopaedic you really do have the perfect place to relax.

Some more advanced models even offer special extras such as massage which can help those who suffer from constant pain. Many others also offer foot rests that also run off an electric motor so that you can sit back with your feet up. This helps align the spine and can actually relieve pain for many people. Simple perks such as these can be life changing for someone who is elderly or injured and always aching.

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