Oct 31, 2015

Ways to Make the Most of a Small Space

You do not need to be a design expert in order to make a small room look organized, pleasant, and cozy. Urbanized environments are getting bigger, and more and more overcrowded, so if it happens that you have no other but to cram your life into small space. Organizing a small space can be a challenge, but is not impossible. There are various ways to make the most of your small living space, to “open it up”, make it seem bigger and unique. Multiple function furniture, easy-movable objects, and storage that can be assembled and disassembled quickly will help you improve your space’s convenience and design. Right here and now, we are sharing some great tricks that might work more than fine for you.

Know The FundamentalsWays To Make The Most Of A Small Space by furnituredownunder.com.au
Let us shatter the stereotypes and see what the fundamentals of small space are. First of all, no need to avoid large furniture. People tend to avoid it because of the belief that it will dominate the room, but a large sectional can may look better that small chairs and sofa. Find out what needs to be stored, and buy organizing supplies after that. Think vertically to draw the eye up, make sure that the light sources are not cut off, and go creative with the mirrors that are to bounce the light around.

Color Schemes
It can be achieved by using monochromatic color schemes, so your eyes can move around the room easily without interruption by other colors. By using light colors (white with accents, citrus tones, sea shades, and pretty pastels), you can make any room look bigger. Brightly colored walls are more reflective, while dark colors absorb light. Adjust the color of the furniture by using a monochromatic color scheme with different shades and textures of a single color. Paint your walls so they are the same color as your flooring. The edge where they meet will be less noticeable.
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Less Clutter
You will certainly feel cramped in a room overcrowded with all kinds of stuff. Place one large painting or a framed photograph, instead of multiple smaller ones. Create an area in your room that will draw attention. That will be your focal point. The number of other accessories should be kept to a minimum. Unify the room with a plain and simple rug that will match its atmosphere. When you get all things tidily arranged, the space will feel more open and orderly.

Lighting & MirrorsWays To Make The Most Of A Small Space by furnituredownunder.com.au
If there is a chance of maximizing the input of natural light into the room, than you should certainly focus on doing that. It is crucial for opening up a space. Large windows with sheer window coverings can connect your interior with the outdoors in a way you cannot imagine. Glass removes visual barriers, so remove the classic wooden doors, and mount internal bi fold doors instead, and allow the light to stream freely through the house. Get creative and add skylights, solar tubes, or other types of interesting lighting, if you do not have access to much natural light. Mirrors reflect light, making the room seem bigger. Both small individual and floor-to-ceiling mirrors are great choices, but before putting a mirror think what parts of the room you want to have reflected.

Multi-Functional Furniture
Create the illusion of spaciousness by pulling larger furniture pieces away from the wall. Draw the eye upward by putting your bookshelves near the ceiling. This is a magnificent way to add storage, but also to save some precious floor space. Get yourself some multi-functional furniture – beds that can be pulled up into a wall, coffee tables used as chests, and transforming sofas – are very practical and you can hide them, or tuck them away when they are not needed. Go compact and convertible, save yourself some space and add more cool designs.

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