Oct 26, 2015

6 Awesome Money Saving Tips on Turning Your New Home into Your Style

After completing the big task of moving successfully, another big task waiting for you is decorating your new home. However, you have no plans to splurge on this task, as already the moving process has taken away a major chunk from your pocket.

So, as far as possible, you want to save money, but also want to decorate the new home so as to look pleasant and welcoming. Don’t worry; here are some easy money-saving tips with which you can decorate your new home in your style.
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1. Add Magic of Lights

You don’t want to buy big furniture, painting, flooring, etc. But you can certainly invest into creative lighting.

You don’t have to spend much, but you can buy a number of them – the inexpensive lower-wattage ones, and arrange them in such a way that they will change the mood of the room, delightful, romantic, soft, soothing, and so on. 

When you add the magic of light, your guests may hardly notice many other deformities in the room’s decoration.
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2. Add Nature’s Beauty

Adding small house plants is a fantastic and economical way to make your home transformed and enriched. And the plants need not be pricey. You can even grow them from the vegetable and fruit remnants if you want.

First grow them by keeping the cut-outs of vegetables and fruits like carrot, potato, pineapple, avocado, etc, in plain water and once offshoots grow, transfer into small decorative pots and place the pots around the house wherever sunlight enters. Plants make spaces look rich!
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3. What will You Do of Floors?

Your floors are important too, just as walls and ceilings. If you cannot afford to change them, consider staining or sanding wooden floors or replacing the old carpet or linoleum with tiles.

Area rug can be a quick fix. You can make your floors stand out in this economical way and that will change the whole look of the rooms.
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4. Hide Things Effectively

A home regularly produces things which you don’t want to be seen by your guests but don’t want to throw away too, e.g. old beddings, books, clothes, bottles of cleaning solutions, brooms and more. You will have to find spaces where you can keep these things out of sight.

Spaces underneath beds, staircases etc can be added decorative cabinets in which you can store these things.
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5. Make Use of Old Fabrics to Create New Colourful Decoration

When your old clothes are worn out, not all parts of them wear away. Throw away the worn out parts and keep the good ones. Join these parts from miscellaneous fabrics together to create fun, bright, lively patterns and colours.

You can use them for window treatments, covers for sofas, chairs and pillows, and more. They can be of use to add a colour riot to old throw pillows and drapes through a creative patchwork. Instead of buying altogether new drapery and pillows, this is much more economical and looks just fabulous.
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6. Illusionary Architectural Patterns

If you have a creative quirk, you can add illusionary architectural patterns that will make your rooms look bigger; e.g. paint vertical or horizontal lines using painter’s tape, or draw squares and rectangles to form shapes of boxes for framing out your favourite pictures or sconces.

And you can even create fake windows on walls with your favourite scene shown through it. You can create illusions of dimension and depth to the walls with moulding. 
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Author’s Bio: Bill Chen received the Bachelor Degree of Commerce majoring in Business Administration from University of Sydney. Currently, he is a businessman and running a company of home removalists in Wollongong named Bill Removalists Sydney. He is also an active blogger for his own website and other sites in the industry.

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