Oct 31, 2015

How Cushions, Plants and Sitting Area Can Beautify Your Balcony?

How Cushions, Plants and Sitting Area Can Beautify Your Balcony?

Outdoor places have special value in our house. They are windy, they have a nice view (mostly) and they serve as a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work with a steamy cup of coffee and an old book. It is already our favorite place in the house but how can we enhance its appeal by decorating it in a way we like. While decorating a balcony, we don’t have to consider anybody else’s design taste. It is simply our place and we can decorate it as we like it. We have collected few ideas on how you can decorate your balcony in a simple and appealing manner;

Setup a sitting place

Of course, you like to sit and spend some time alone in your balcony so let’s arrange a cozy sitting place for yourself. You can bring a chair or a sofa or a swing or floor cushions. The idea is to have a nice place to sit whenever you spend time in your balcony. Although, all the above-mentioned options are valid, but there are some better than others. For instance, chairs can be a bit uncomfortable as they don’t have much space for your legs. A small sofa is of no use but, if it is huge and soft then definitely you should keep it in your balcony. As for the swing, the constant movement can be a bit irritating, rather place a rocking chair in your desired position. Floor sitting with cushions is ideal, but it can limit your access to free and fresh wind. So choose wisely. Most importantly, your furniture or cushion should be of darker tones as light colors can’t survive in the open area due to dust. Also, the quality should be good otherwise the material will fade because of direct exposure to the sun.

A plant is a must

Balconies and plants make a perfect couple. It is considered a natural rule to always place some plants in outdoors of your place. However, we can debate on the number of plants. Well, not much since it directly depends on the size of your balcony. If you have a huge balcony, almost same size as your bedroom, then you can go for proper plant pots on one corner. If your balcony is one-fourth of your bedroom then a couple of plants will do. It is a scientific fact that proximity to nature has a positive impact on human beings. Just looking at green color soothes our eyes. So the point is; place some pot plants in your balcony. However, things don’t end at placing plants only. You have to ensure that they are taken care of as well otherwise you can’t benefit from them.

Here come the Cushions:

Cushions are a must in your balcony. They are necessary if you are going for floor sitting but in case you have a sofa or a rocking chair, we suggest you to keep this as well. These are improve your time spent in balcony by:
• Being your back or support when you just want to sit back and take deep breaths.
• Being your soft table when you are lost in your favorite book.
• Being your pillow when you decide to stare at the moon and stars at night.
And the list can go on and on.

Regardless to say, this should be extra soft and huggable. There should be no compromise on quality as it will ruin your personal time. Another great thing about keeping these in your balcony is that you can keep personalized ones. You may buy a cushion representing your favorite show like Orange is the New Black, Sherlock or Game of Thrones or whatever you like. That was our list of simple ideas for your balcony. In case, you haven’t noticed, none of the items mentioned here cost a lot. So decorating your balcony with cushions and plants is budget friendly too.

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