Oct 6, 2015

Wall Design Ideas

Blank walls can be boring but these lively ideas will bring interest and life to an all-white wall.

Add a Border
Borders are a great way to add interest without great expense. Wall paper borders are cheaper than buying complete rolls and they are easy to install. Traditional placement of borders is at the top of a wall; however, there are many ways to place borders and create interest. Use a border instead of a chair rail. This adds interest to the décor and is not as permanent. You can use borders around a doorway or window to add interest and a bit of color or pattern.

Stamp a Pattern
You can create interesting designs with a sponge dipped in paint. First, plan your design on paper. Then trace the pattern on the wall. Test a small area to decide how thick you want the paint. Thin out paint to get an airier feel. Your designs can cover a whole wall or just a section. Some ideas are polka dots, waves, flowers or abstract designs. You are only limited by your creativity.

Create Designs with Masking Tape
If you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow you to make changes to the original paint, use masking tape to create designs. Create stripes, plaids or abstract lines for an interesting design. If you want a change, simply peel off the tape and create a new design.

Add a Mural

Mural titled Imperial Garden Purple – image:muralsources.com
For a more elegant solution, turn a wall into a work of art with a stunning mural. Guests will walk into your living room and gaze out onto a lovely French countryside. Use trompe l’oeil designs to create a window for a windowless room. Bring the beach into your den with wall-long tropical scene. One good source of design ideas is MuralSources. This site offers murals in a wide choice of themes, patterns and tones. You can shop now and have a beautiful addition to your room before the holidays.

Paint a Wall Black
Create an instant blackboard by painting one wall or a section of a wall with black chalkboard paint. Check with your local paint supplier to get the correct product as it needs to be erasable and washable. This is an ideal solution for a kid’s or teen’s room. Paint a section of the kitchen wall and post the daily menu as well as leave instructions for the family.

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