Apr 15, 2015

Trends in Interior Designing

Adding the beautiful look to the house and making it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes is an art. In architect rural terms it is called interior designing.

Interior design adds a unique character to the house. A perfect combination of various colors, designs, forms to give a unique and uniform character is an art that only few could expertise in. The interior designer holds meetings with the home owners to know what kind of look they want to give to their homes. After that he interprets the objective of owner by using appropriate colors and designs.

The increased prosperity of middle class during industrial revolution in the 19th century resulted in need of interior designers to communicate their newly acquired wealth through use of luxurious colors and styles of the home decoration.

Quite interestingly, again the same middle class is the cause of many new trends in interior designing. Airwil Organic Smart City project, Noida is one such project that has kept the interiors classy yet trendy. Some of the present trends of interior designing are:
Greek blue painted table - image:pinterest.com
1.) Colors for personality: From Romantic soft pastels in 80's to Loud Sharp Colors in 90's, colors play a very important role in interior designing. For the 2015 we have Greek Blue for furniture, Olive and Navy Blue as the "In-Thing".

2.) Carpets are back with a bang: Carpets were a big hit till late 80's. Whether the world got dirtier after that or people became more hygienic, but the 90's saw a sharp decline in carpeted floors. People are again trying to relive those good holidays carpeting their floors. The bare uncovered floor is fast being replaced by elegant looking carpets but that look more graceful with minimum embellishments and designs as opposed to earlier heavy designed carpets
Smoky glass table lamp - image:houzz.com
3.) Smoky Glasses: Smoky glasses: The plain glasses have been almost replaced by smoky glasses that have more classy appeal and add an element of mystery with their translucent appearance. Three decades ago it was the most popular style of classy homes. But was abandoned to make the space for basic, plain glasses. The history seems to be repeating itself.

4.) Portable "Bulky" Furniture: Do you remember the 50's and 60's when the size of house seems to be small for accommodating bulky furniture. Well, in later years the bulky was replaced by portable furniture. But again people want to relive the old era by bringing back the bulky furniture that is highly customizable. This "portable furniture" has several add-ons. It can be used as basic furniture giving a "Lean" look to the home. For those with a roving eye for that Designer look can consider adding cushioned seats and uniquely designed hand rests with a great artwork on it.

5.) Funky Wardrobes: The carrier of all your fashionable, trendy clothes has remained one of the most "basic" components of the interiors due to the shrinking size of homes. But this year will see a revolution in its design and color. In fact wardrobe is seeing some major changes for last few years. It is becoming more highlighted with fast colors like red, navy blue, purple etc. and even its doors are getting a makeover by "light wood work" carvings. If you really like the experiments then you might also go for wardrobes with natural paintings and big floral designs on them.

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I am grateful to first read your post, I agree with your article though I am not a feminine. Having such beautiful furniture like that is really pleasing to the eye of us. Please let me know if you have knew article I love to read you future article.

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