Apr 2, 2015

Clever Remodeling Ideas for a New Home

Have you just moved into a new place? Considering these cool renovation ideas to truly make your new space your own.

1. If you have an attic nook with a low ceiling, add a TV to one of the walls and put a bunch of large, comfy pillows on the floor. What a great space for a slumber party! Add fantasy wall stickers if it’s a kids-only space.
fantasy wall stickers
2. If you have limited space, add bookshelves to the back of your staircase. This is a great place to display your favorite novels or any number of small items.

3. Doing a large-scale remodel? Ask your contractor to add a guest house. It will cost less than you expect, you’ll be able to have friends spend a few days, and you can even consider renting it out.

4. Don’t let all that baseboard space go to waste. Ask a contractor to install skinny drawers, which are great for storing extra utensils and sheet pans.

5. Magnetic walls make it easier than ever to hang shelves, metal knick knacks, and even televisions.

6. Add a seat to your shower so that you can relax under the water after a hard day at work.

The best time to make revisions to your home is shortly after you move in. You can paint rooms before unpacking boxes, setup new systems for organizing, and get projects out of the way before life goes back to a normal routine.

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