Apr 2, 2015

Designing the Outside of the Home

When you move into a new home, you probably want to decorate the inside and outside with items that are pleasing to the eyes of your family and visitors. One of the easiest areas to decorate is the outside of the home. The best time to get supplies is at the end of the summer. Large patio sets and chairs are often on sale, and you can usually get decorations to place on the sidewalk, in a garden or on a porch at a reduced price.
outdoor decor
image: hummerswholesale.com
Think about how you want the outside of the home to look before you get the decorations. If you want something modern, then consider solar water fountains and other items that rely on the sun during the day to light up at night. There are birdhouses in all shapes and sizes and patio furniture made of almost any kind of material imaginable. Plastic is easier to care for, but wicker often gives a comforting look to the home. You can get wind chimes to place on the porch, BBQ sets with either propane or charcoal or lanterns to add a fun atmosphere for entertaining. There are themed decorations, such as lighthouses or birds, or you can get something simple in a basic color and design. Click here for images of items as well as ideas on how they can be arranged.

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