Apr 23, 2015

Eco-Friendly Landscape Design is the Way to Go

Everyone wants their landscape design to be beautiful and the cynosure of all eyes but at the same time more and more people are taking the environment into consideration. With water restrictions being imposed most people want their landscape to be eco-friendly. The eco-friendly landscape requires a lot less water than the traditional landscape which needs a lot of water for maintaining it.

The landscaping standards for eco-friendly landscape design stay the same as the traditional ones. These designs also require being consistent and it needs to harmoniously blend with the theme. There needs to be unity in the design. Similarly there needs to be a balance, too much unity can upset the whole design. The design needs to appeal to the eyes and this visual attraction can be created with symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. Also there should be emphasis in the design. For example, having a fountain at the centre of your landscape will ensure that all eyes turn there or you can have a wheel as your centre point from where your design originates. You can then create depth in the design by creating a transition with plants and shrubs etc. There should also be a rhythm to the design; there should be a proper flow of colours, forms, textures and the like. The most important point is simplicity, whatever the design it should be simple but create a profound effect on the viewer.

Using the landscaping standards mentioned above many people are creating eco-friendly landscapes by making use of eco-friendly vegetable gardens, planting trees that bear fruits or plants that require less or negligible water. A term – edible landscaping - has been coined for this type of eco-friendly landscaping. All the food that grows in this landscape can be used for cooking. The landscape not only looks good, you get a lot out of it too.

Desert landscaping is another eco-friendly landscape design. Plants, flowers and trees that are found in the desert is used in this design. These plants and trees require very little water but they will add beauty to the design. Instead of grass, abundant use of sand is used in this design. There are many plants and trees that are native to the region, incorporating such plants and trees to the landscape will not only make it beautiful, it will be eco-friendly too.

Hire a professional landscape design company to look into your landscaping requirements. Your landscape designer will provide you with a lot of eco-friendly ideas which are also sustainable in the region.

Author Bio: James is a landscape designer with vast experience, to know more please visit http://www.parkslopedesign.net - 1158 26th Street, Suite 295, Santa Monica, CA 90403, Phone: 818.481.0883.

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