Apr 8, 2015

The Best Indoor Trees

Trees and plants add not only to the outdoor landscape, but they also add to our internal environments.  For those people without a green thumb, there are many options to bring greenery indoors with the purchase of artificial trees. However, there is something about the touch that a real, living and breathing tree can bring to the atmosphere in your home.  There are options for you regardless of the size of your home or apartment no matter where you live. You do need to consider how much space you have to put your tree.  Are you looking for a smaller ornamental tree?  Or do you have extended, high ceilings, and you want to add a larger tree to the internal decor?  

For the smaller spaces you have a number of ornamental trees to consider. Listed below are a number of options.
Bonsai indoor tree (image:en.wikipedia.org)
1.  Bonsai Trees - One of the most well known small trees are the bonsai trees.   Some of the most well known are the perennial woody stemmed bush or tree which can be encouraged to grow in particular shapes by utilizing wire to shape it as well as pruning.
2.  Hawaiian Umbrella Tree - this is an excellent option for your indoor small space.  They are a type of bonsai tree, but they are one of the best, as they require little light.  It does prefer to have wet soil, so make sure you are fully drenching it to keep its environment moist.  Please note, every part of the tree is poisonous, so keep it up high or at least not within reach of your pets or children.
3.  Ficus Trees - This is a very common tree to find indoors both at home and at the office.  They are fairly easy to take care of.  One of the most interesting things about the ficus trees is that they are frequently multiple small trees braided together.  You can get them small, and if well taken care of over the years they can grow into bigger trees.
4.  Money Trees - These trees are rather fun and make good companions in homes or the office.  They are frequently braided like the ficus trees, but they also typically grown as a bonsai.  These trees were thought to bring prosperity and good fortune.

For larger spaces there are many other options for you to peruse.  Listed below are a number of large tree options.

1.  Arbequina Olive Tree - An interesting selection for an indoor tree, this olive tree will produce for you year round.  They are tolerant of the outdoors, and you can plant them nearly anywhere in the United States.
2.  Meyer Lemon Tree - Not only does this tree do well indoors, bur if it ever gets too big you can plant it in nearly any environment in the United States.  It is very weather tolerant and will produce lots and lots of lemons.
3.  Cold Hardy Avocado Tree- If you are an avocado fan you will enjoy growing this lovely tree.  You can keep it indoors and move outdoors as needed, as it will remain at about 5 - 7 feet.  However, if you ever decide to move it outdoors, this self-pollinating tree can grow up to 20 feet tall and live anywhere in the United States.

          There are many more options to choose from, and the above mentioned are just a few of the more unique options.  Happy tree hunting!

Stewart Scott is a certified arborist and is the owner of Cevet Tree Care, where he offers the best tree service Columbia MO has to offer. Cevet has provided tree trimming and other tree care services to mid-Missouri for almost 20 years.

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