Apr 21, 2015

Easy Way to Green Your Home

Many homeowners want to make their home greener. Going home and sitting in a beautiful and fresh green room -of course it’s very pleasant and soothing. Stress and fatigue can be much reduced. Creating an indoor garden can be a great idea, but you need to prepare a special space and the cost is not small.  

Another cheaper way is to add some ornamental plants into the home. In order not to make your home dirty because of the soil planting medium, utilizing the technique and hydroponic plants is an appropriate alternative. Decorative plants will look beautiful and clean, besides the plant care is also relatively easy. So, how to green a home easily?

The hydroponic techniques and growing media
As the name implies, hydroponic is the planting technique using water as a growing medium. In the process, water serves more as a nutrient solvent and a conductor of nutrition in the plant. Additional planting medium is still needed as a buffer crop so you can adjust the plant position in accordance with your desire.

So that the roots are not damaged and still be able to save water, hydroponic growing media used must be as light as charcoal, palm fiber, coconut fiber, broken tiles / bricks, or pumice.

If you prefer to display the decorative plant in a clear container, you can choose oasis and crystal jelly or hydrogel as pretty planting medium. Oasis used is oasis type that commonly used for fresh flower arrangements. This oasis planting medium can store water up to two weeks and more resistant to fungal attack.

Oasis that will be used must be cut into pieces and soaked in water until all parts absorb water. After that, the oasis pieces are put into a container by half, then pressed to make it more solid. Take the plants and set its position in the container. The remaining oasis pieces inserted into the container to near the surface, then you flatten again.

Watering plants can be done after 1-2 weeks. Fertilization is also easy; you just add water that mixed with a little NPK or leaf liquid fertilizer.
The hydrogel planting medium is very suitable for transparent container. If added with water, jelly crystals will expand as gelatin and can serve as a substitute for soil. How to plant using hydrogel is easy. Wash first the container and the roots of the plant to avoid spoilage due to fungal or bacterial contamination. Put the first jelly that has been drenched with water into a container, then you place and arrange the plants.

The treatment of plant with hydrogel media is more practical. The watering is enough once a month. Some hydrogel products are already equipped with nutrients so the plant doesn’t need fertilizing again. Usually the planting medium can be used for 4-6 months.

Decorative bamboo -image:aliexpress.com

Types of hydroponic plants
There are lots of plants that can be grown hydroponically. Which is widely used as ornamental plant in the room is the group of leaf decorative plants. These plants are more resistant to live indoor and the beauty of the leaves can be enjoyed at any time.

You might have seen the fortune bamboo plants sold in supermarkets. Other leaves of decorative plants that you can try to become hydroponic plants such as aglonema, kaladium, dieffenbachia, pachira, and yellow palm.

The placement of houseplants
-Usually placed in the living room or family room. For soothing the atmosphere, you can also put plants in the dining room, kitchen or even the bathroom.
-The position where you want to put the plants determines which plants will be selected. Plants that require light should be put in a place that gets enough sunlight (such as near a window).
-If you want to put plants in the bedroom, choose smaller plants and make sure your bedroom has proper air circulation and adequate light.
-As long as it can accommodate water and growing media well, plant containers can be selected from a variety of materials. Glass, ceramics, wood containers, as well as plastic bottles or cups can also be used.
-Plant with dark green leaves is improper when placed in a room with dark colored walls while the bright or light colored walls are nice to be the background for all the colors of decorative plants.

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