Apr 28, 2015

Marshpointe: A Tranquil Slice of Heaven in South Carolina

Are you dreaming of an affordable yet suitably luxurious housing community somewhere close to Charleston? Do you wish for something that’s far enough from all the chaos and pollution that is part and parcel of living in a fast paced city?

Today, a number of working professionals just pray for a chance to find an affordable sanctuary that is light years away from all the problems that come along with residing in a city that is seemingly never peaceful or quiet. There is no question that Charleston is one of the most attractive and vivid cities in America with a number of gorgeous monuments and tourist attractions and a culture that is as rich as its history. Sure, there are some people who actually live for the thrill and the daily hustle and bustle of rapidly developing cities like Charleston.

But there are also a fair number of people who prefer something a little quieter and more private. Here’s where Marshpointe comes into the picture!

What makes Marsh Pointe so special? 

Marsh Pointe Charleston is an idyllic haven situated in Mount Pleasant SC, just a few minutes away from downtown Charleston, the beach and other recreational or entertainment facilities. However, living in one of the many luxurious town homes that are all over the Marsh Pointe Etiwan area is practically like living in your own little bubble surrounded by all the beauty that Mother Nature can possibly offer! 

Marshpointe gives you a wonderful opportunity to be one with nature and also enjoy a tiny little slice of peace which is yours as long as you reside in the area. This place is a modern day paradise that lies amongst misty marshes and luscious green forests and one can truly attain the precious gift of solitude while residing here. 

What are some of its luxurious features? 

Marsh Pointe offers completely and utterly luxurious surroundings, facilities and amenities through its excellent housing community for an astoundingly affordable price, somewhere in the low 300’s! These amazing town homes offer premium features like:

  • Custom-made hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets
  • Spacious and huge walk-in closet space
  • Spacious rooms
  • A top-of-the-line HVAC system with efficient heating and air conditioning facilities
  • Large and welcoming fireplaces
  • Nickel or bronze hardware and plumbing
  • Stylish and functional appliances made from stainless steel
  • Generous screen porches that offer utmost privacy from neighbors
  • Abundant ceiling fans
  • Beautifully printed tiled showers
  • Comfortable and drool-worthy soaking tubs
  • Huge outdoor garages
  • Best quality and appealing roof sheathing
  • Crown molding and sealed grout

Leisure time at Marsh Pointe 

Residents of Marshpointe town homes have access to truly fantastic luxurious amenities like a private exercise facility, a huge clubhouse for the community, spellbinding views of the marsh and the Wando, breathtaking trails for walking and admiring the beauty of nature, the Dorothy B. Kearns Park for recreational sports and picnics, a huge swimming pool, a deep water dock to enjoy sailing and a beautiful and spacious lawn perfect for holding community events.

The proximity to Charleston and other facilities, the amenities offered by the housing community and the idyllic location in nature’s lap makes Marshpointe a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family.


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