Jun 27, 2018

What Metals can contaminate your Water?

No doubt the UK is one of the dream destinations for anyone in this world. And there are several such reasons that have made people put the United Kingdom to put at their top preference for a living. But there is something in the whole country that you need to be careful about.Well, first of all,you need to know that the water that you use for your domestic purpose does not reach you directly from the underground water reservoir. But actually, water reached you by several, water supply companies. And over there water has to pass through several tests and purification processes, and then water is dispatched towards the whole country by every company.

Metals in Water

Now the water that reaches is totally safe, but still, if you have complaints of impure water systems in your house or offices, then there is a problem in your domestic pipeline. Traditionally most of the pipelines were made of iron, and due to coming in contact with water a chemical reaction occurs. And upon that chemical reaction between water and iron, several metals are then released to the water which then mixes with it. So you need Testing Water for Metals in your office or house.Mostly the water that has been disposed from several industries carries several different types of metal impurities inside them.So there are metals like Mercury, Lead, Aluminium, Arsenic, Calcium, and most commonly Iron. There are several properties in the UK that date back tothe 1900s, and some of those properties remain untouched since then.

Lead and Mercury

And in that time period lead pipes and water storage tanks were used which were the main reason for mixing lead in the water.Well, later on when the reason of diseases was found then use of Lead made products were banned in the UK. So even now those some of the old constructed buildings are the reason for finding lead in the water which is the main reason for several harmful diseases including kidney failure, and baby birth problems. Then there is Mercury which mixes with water naturally, and it is not easy to find this metal inside the water. So it is necessary to get your water tested every now and then.

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