Jun 5, 2018

Infographic: How Seniors Can Feel More Secure at Home

The security of our homes is something that should be treated with extreme importance and even more so for elderly relatives who could be more vulnerable than most to heinous crimes. We’ll all take basic security measures such as keeping doors locked when we’re out, but is that enough to make our elders feel truly safe inside their homes? Burglars, unfortunately, are intelligent folks and will be well versed in all the common security lapses that make homes an easy target.

Many criminals like to target senior citizens for a few reasons. Aside from the likelihood of seniors being less physically able to fight back or defend themselves, they generally follow the same behavioral patterns, which makes their movements easy to predict for criminals. Also, they might be less likely to report crime to the police.

If you want to find out how you can make elderly relatives feel more secure in their own homes, then it’s worth reading this infographic from Home Healthcare Adaptations. It discusses some helpful security equipment that can be installed, such as sensors, alarms and doorbell cameras, as well as outlining a few practical tips on how to improve the security of our elders’ homes. Whatever expense an alarm or doorbell camera might incur, it pales in comparison with the value of the peace of mind that they’ll get from knowing that their home is as safe as safe can be.

An infographic by the team at Home Healthcare Adaptations

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