Jun 16, 2018

A Touch of Heritage to your Dining Experience

Every individual dreams to live their lives in a Nawabi style. But in today’s world, you get only limited options to fulfil their dreams. Either you live a Nawabi lifestyle or relish the culinary delights from the land of Nawabs itself. Your search for true Nawabi rather Awadhi cuisines end when you come to Oudh 1590 – the first period dining restaurant in India. It is said that Awadhi gastronomy marks the beginning of a new era of Indian cooking. People used to believe that modern cookery techniques have been introduced in the current times, but in actual terms, the techniques have been in existence for a long time.

Kolkatans – the Foodies
When it comes to food, you will find people, especially the ones in Kolkata, who are always passionate about it. Be it Bengali, Chinese, North Indian, Mughal or South Indian dishes, you will simply find Kolkatans on their toes. For food, most would hunt out and gorge on their favourites at the best eatery joints, while others would love to prepare them at home. However, the trick to enjoying good traditional cuisines should come directly from the chefs. Of course, the service, ambience and the presentation plays a very important role apart from just the food. If you want to be a part of the wholesome and lip-smacking dining experience then you have to come to Kolkata.  
Now, if your target is to savour your taste buds with Nawabi cuisines then you have a lot of options to hit, but, among them, Oudh 1590 needs a special mention.      

Flavours from the Land of Nawabs
At Oudh 1590, we bring Kolkata’s only period dining experience in perfect Awadhi style. Enjoy exotic Nawabi delicacies by royal Khansamas and Awadhi Bawarchis from Lucknow. To evoke the days of the Maharajas, this dining room in Kolkata is a replica of the past.

To enjoy a period dining setting where you will get Nawabi delicacies directly from the Awadhi bawarchis and royal Khansamas, you have to come to Oudh 1590. This place brings back Lucknow’s (now known as Oudh) rich food history and culture to the streets of Kolkata. The royal atmosphere, the intricately designed interiors and of course the authentic Mughlai food makes this restaurant a favourite amongst the Kolkatans.   

Oudh 1590 is also known as one of the most successful and popular theme restaurants in the City of Joy. This dining house is a perfect replica of the history. Visiting this place will not just let you enjoy the Nawabi Dishes in Kolkata but take you back to the Nawabi era of the Maharajas. It is believed that the cooking ideas and styles for the Nawabs were always a secret. Only a few chefs coming from the royal khansama ancestry knew the tricks. They are the ones who embellished the “Dum Pukht” style of cooking with rich aromatic ingredients, aphrodisiacs and dried fruits.

So, here’s to the essence of Luck, now whoever haven’t tried it yet – a few quint essential favourites of Oudh 1590
·         Galawati Kabab
·         Awadhi Handi Biriyani
·         Kakori Kabab
·         Nehari Khas
·         Gosht Burrah Kabab

To experience a unique taste of Nawabs and enjoy a period dining come to Oudh 1590 today! 

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