Jun 14, 2018

Vintage Style Decor Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking to give your newly bought apartment a vintage look? Then, here are some interesting ideas as discussed.

It has been observed that these days, people want to walk down to the memory lane and borrow the ideas of retro living. It is more about bringing in old things rather decorating the house with the same, thereby, portraying a vintage look. Not necessarily, the items and accessories will be old but make sure the ones you are buying carries the old texture. Items like old model telephone, cameras, typewriters or treasure boxes can do wonders. Yes, there have been times when people used to misinterpret the shabby chic things to be vintage or retro. Hope you do not mistakenly fall into this category at all. Always learn to differentiate things before you draw a conclusion.

Please note that old items from the period 1920 – 1960s are considered as vintage or retro. In order to give your apartment, a vintage look make sure to display old items as mentioned above. Also, do not forget to use the classic style furniture. In fact, the right play of colours is equally a MUST-have factor to create a perfect vintage look. 

Here are some ideas which will help you get a vintage decor for your apartment:
·         In order to give your living room a classy look, add mismatching pillowcases, unique framed photos and a retro design centre table. You can also go for upholstered seats and a certain kind of throw pillow designs. Do not forget to add cute pendant lights right there in the background. Another best way to give your living room a vintage look, add a huge photo, preferably an old photo of yours or your family along with a unique chandelier. Needless to say, that your vintage theme will be achieved if you implement this idea for your living room.        
·         There are people who are pure vintage lovers, but they carry interest of the minimalistic and classic design. However, that shouldn’t create any problem because both of these can be rightly balanced. If you too are somewhat like this then follow this idea. For your bedroom, pick up some vintage styled furniture in neutral colours but make sure the walls get the touch of bright and bold colours. This would give a perfect retro look to your room.
·         Get geometrical furniture for your kitchen in order to come up with a vintage look. It would be great if your kitchen gets a pub look where there will be armchairs in front of the bar table. There should be a set of lighting suspension pieces and ensure that the armchairs are in bold colours.   

Whatever you do, make sure in order to get the retro vibes remember to add your favourite old pictures and classic elements (vintage floor lamp, old radio, typewriters, vintage light fixtures, gramophone etc.) in the rooms. Always remember that there should be a fashionable edge whatever design you are coming up with.  For more details, you can simply go to Dream World City’s Website

Summary: Want to welcome your guest to a vintage styled apartment? Then read through the ideas as discussed as mentioned in the post below. This would give a clear idea about how to go ahead with the vintage styled designs.

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