Jun 6, 2018

Infographic: Lawn care sites comparison

When looking to grow your lawn care business, finding out which lead generation site to use can be arduous task. In the current marketplace, many sites exist—each with their own pros and cons. Many companies promise to help grow your business by giving you the best leads when it comes to lawn care or landscaping. 

Paying for those “leads” can quickly add up monetarily especially if the potential homeowner is just window shopping or if you are not quick enough when it comes to responding to the potential client.  Some companies want to take the ease of bidding off your plate and use an algorithym to quote the property based on fair market value.  What exactly is fair market value?  Also, how can an algorithm determine the condition of the lawn or any slopes or obstacles in the yard.  To be honest, it is impossible to do so.  With no site being perfect, its up to you to decide which one can truly help grown your business and make your life easer. 

 In order to determine which company is best for your growing your lawn care business, check out the following infographic that contains the most popular lead generation sites. It will allow you to seamlessly and quickly compare different National sites based on upfront costs, levels of support, and how payments are processed on the backend. With the growing trend of the on-demand industries, remaining competitive and relevant in any field is about making the economical and sensible decisions to allow your business to thrive.  

Please include attribution to www.yourgreenpal.com with this graphic.

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