Jun 29, 2018

4 Interior Design Tips for Your New Home

Designing your home is one of the most exciting parts in owning a property. Taking control of the aesthetic elements of your own home is a task that has to deal with the most intricate details of design. Instead of hiring an interior designer to elevate your home’s overall décor, consider a DIY project for your San Juan townhouse or your posh condo at BGC.

Whether you would want to stick with a basic design or to go crazy with all kinds of ensemble, knowing how to do it in style is the way to go. Check out these interior design techniques that would surely glam up the standard designs of townhouses, either San Juan-based or in any part of the city.

Pick the Paint Color Last

This not an ideal move if you would want to take charge of your interior design because you would risk your upholstery, artwork, rug, or any décor to clash with your chosen color.

You could do this if the furniture has been installed to the room prior to the day that you are going to move in but if you have yet to pick them, then you should re-consider picking the paint color last.

Use what you already have to decorate
This would be a great tip for those who value nostalgia and a more personal atmosphere to their design. Items that are already in your possession can be used as additional accessories to your home.

Before throwing away things that you wouldn’t think of adding to the interior design of your new property, consider them for extra texture and dimension.

Observe Appropriate Furniture Spacing
It would not look good if the room is overcrowded. Furniture which take up too much space would just make the room look cluttered and it does not contribute to the aesthetic quality of the interior design.

Do not fill up a space with lots of furniture because they will only add up to your budget and at the same time, it does not do a lot for the overall design of the house. Choose statement pieces that stand out instead; this way, you will have a minimalist approach which will make the room bolder and more elegant.

Add Layers of Lighting
Aside from your central lighting fixture, you may want to consider incorporating this to the elements that are a part of your room. Try having a lit back splash in your kitchen or position your artwork in an area that is filled with light.

This creates interest and variety to your design. This will further enhance the general ambiance of the room and you can also opt for design pieces that give off light from its device.

Key Takeaway
Interior design comes with different sets of rules and guidelines that you have to follow but when it comes to the best appearance that your home can have, you are in charge of it. Even without an experience of a designer, you can create your standard in aesthetics which is heavily influenced by your own sense of style and eye for design.

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