Jun 27, 2018

Few Notable Functions Carried Out by A Glazier in Glass Industries

The glass is a highly fragile material that demands careful handling while cutting into desired shapes and sizes. The installations of glass on the windows, doors, skylights and on furniture pieces are also crucial operations that need special expertise and care. Only a trained glazier can accomplish these difficult tasks smoothly, without causing any mishap during their work. This highly skilled craftsman is rapidly employed by many house owners and business owners, for the removal of broken glasses and the installation of new glass pieces in various parts of their buildings.

Prime Job Roles Usually Played by A Professional Glazier 

  • Normally, every glass installation involves certain criteria regarding the definite sizes, shapes, colours, and thicknesses of the glasses that need to be used. The glazier needs to go through the entire specification of the assigned job. He strictly adheres to these prepared blueprints while choosing and working with the glass pieces.
  • If the glass is supposed to be replacing the existing damaged glass, then the broken glass pieces are carefully removed by the glazier, without leaving a shred of glass in the frame or around the area on which the old glass was installed.
  • The large glass sheets need to be cut carefully into the required shapes and sizes, as per the requirements of the clients. The glazier measures the frameworks of the existing panes and cut the glass sheets into the needed shapes and sizes while minimizing the wastage.
  • All the necessary precautions need to be taken by the professional glaziers for the installation of the readied glass pieces on the required places. Generally, the glass pieces are guarded by the metallic girdles made of steel or aluminium, along with suitable wood mouldings, which prevent any damage to the glass during the installation process. These mouldings can only be prepared by a well-trainedglazier, as per the shape and size of the glass to be installed.
  • The new glass is then attached to the girdle with a suitable fastener and installed within the existing frame. The glass is firmly fitted into the frame with the help of wood moulding or metal clips or any other strong fastening arrangement, to exert similar pressure all around the glass and ensure that it stays in place for years.
  • The joints on the glass frame should be sealed properly with putty or any other suitable sealing agent. It will keep the glass panes steadily in place and prevent any damage in future. 
  •  Usually, the glaziers are well aware of the rules and regulations set by the local civic authorities, regarding the glass installations on doors, windows and in any other part of a domestic or commercial building. So they make sure to follow all these guidelines while handling the glass installation assignments.
  •  The experienced glaziers will always know the basic differences in the installations of glasses on the doors or windows of residential buildings with that of the commercial buildings. Hence, their services can be availed by both.

Apart from glass, a professional glazier will also be able to handle other building materials as well, like marbles, granites, and PVC that the modern house owners prefer in the place of glass, due to the better longevity. Though most of the glassworks are usually required on the interior parts of the buildings; the glaziers may need to work outdoors and often they climb the scaffoldings to install heavy glass pieces on the windows and skylights. Hence, it is a quite laborious job that demands lots of physical strength, as well as skills to do it.

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