Jan 15, 2018

The Right Way to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

A clean and hygienic work place is essential for success. Clients and customers take it as a first good impression, when the office of business facility is clean and satisfied. However, the question is who will do the job of cleaning your office in Brisbane. Well, hiring commercial cleaning services in Brisbane is suggested to be an effective option to ensure your office area is cleaner and well-organised. How to choose a commercial cleaning company for the purpose? We have brought you essential factors to keep in mind that assures the best selection of a commercial cleaning company.

1.   Experience and reputation
Brand name and years of experience are the two things that matters the most when searching for quality commercial cleaning services. See how established a company is, how skilled are the employees and are they reliable enough with the experience, skills and expertise they have. Move ahead only when you get satisfied answers of these questions.   

2.   Employee screening and training
Most cleaning companies with high reputation in the industry take hiring very seriously. They make sure skilled and qualified cleaners are recruited in the company. They also provide necessary training to ensure the hired cleaners area ware of the skills, safety and quality of services.

3.   Types of services
Now when you have shortlisted a few names to make a list of cleaning companies in your area, it is time you move to the next important criteria of selection. It is the types of services offered by these companies. If the services offered and your cleaning needs match well, choose the company for further discussion.

Some standard office cleaning services cover:
·         Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
·         Kitchenette and launderette cleaning
·         Trash removable and recycling
·         Bathroom cleaning
·         Stocking consumables, i.e., paper towels and hand soap
·         Dusting
Along with these it is also important to ask if they provide the service of window cleaning in Brisbane.

4.   Types of facilities
No doubt experience matters, but you need to look for something more to ensure you hire the right company. Check the industries and facilities they have worked with and if it matches to yours. Ask them about their past and existing clients. More than often, a reputed commercial company is specialised in comprehensive forms of office cleaning services. They exclusively offer their cleaning services to some particular business industries, like:
·         Retail facility cleaning
·         Medical office cleaning
·         Data centers
·         Daycare and medical health centres

5.   Bonded and Insured
Once confusions related to services and facilities are overcome, it is time to look into another serious matter of concern – security. You need to make sure that the cleaners are insured and certified to offer professional commercial cleaning services in the area. Also enquire about business licensing and credentials.

6.   Eco-friendly products
Though cleaning companies new and old all use chemical free, green products for the cleaning purpose, still what’s the harm in making an enquiry. Green cleaning practices helps maintain proper health and hygiene inside the workplace.     

Hope you make a wise decision!

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