Jan 22, 2018

How to Buy LG Washing Machine Online | Cloth Washer Buying Guide

Washing machines have turned into indispensable appliances in present-day life. Buying this gadget will not only save you time and energy in washing clothes, but it will also earn you the eternal appreciation of your household assistant if you hire one to help you with your laundry.

Before purchasing any appliance, you should first evaluate the functionality, utility and budget to ensure your demand is appropriately defined. When acquiring an LG washing machine, you would like an appliance that's both affordable and long-lasting. It is also crucial that you invest in a product that can do laundry in a reasonable period utilising as minimal water as possible. Luckily, LG has a wide array of washers to select from that suit your needs, lifestyle and your budget; such as the LG stacked washer and dryer combo.

Select the Most Suitable Type of Washer

Front-load vs Top-Load Washing Machines

Front-load washers have a better spin which leaves less water in the laundry meaning less drying time. The high-efficiency models need low-sudsing high-efficiency detergents because of their low levels of water, and they need a little more attention. These washers have more convenience and cycle features than the traditional top-load washers. The most recommended front loader is LG WM3770HWA. Regardless of the washer styles, the warranty periods are twelve months.

The traditional top-load washer is cheaper to buy and more comfortable to stack. High-efficiency washing machines in front-load and top-load models cost a lot more but they are good energy and water savers, and front-loaders have the best energy rankings. The most recommended top loader is the LG 5.0.

High-efficiency front-load models are just the best in saving water and electricity, but all washing machines have better ratings on energy consumption that before.

Available Space

How big is your space? Where will the washer go? How much room will you require to open the lid, door, load and unload your device, close and open the doors to your laundry room? Do you have access to gas, water or electricity points? Get a measuring tape, write the dimensions of your space and current machine in a notebook and use it as you buy washing machine online.

If your space is limited, then a front-load washer is a better option, since you can easily wall-mount or stack your dryer on top of it. Most front loaders are typically created to blend in a traditional kitchen cabinet space, meaning you can install your washer in the kitchen or beneath a bench top.


The capacity of a washing machine depends on its tub size. It is the highest load that the washer can handle in a single cycle. For the best cleaning results, ensure that the laundry within the tub gets adequate room to move around. Washing machine capacity ranges between 4kg. and 10kg. Do you intend to use the washer to clean heavy duvets, bedcovers and curtains? If yes, then a larger one will be more suitable for you.

Select the Features You Need

The more features a washer has, the higher its price. For instance, most high- and mid-priced machines come with a steam setting. However, tests have proved that steam only slightly improves the stain removal of the appliance. So, select and buy cheap washing machine online which is high-functioning and one that suits your budget, and then think about the features that enhance convenience or save you time.

Washing machines are among the most challenging appliances to buy. Deciding where to buy LG washing machine is equally challenging as well since the market is full of complex and enticing models. However, if you first define the right washer that suits your needs, knowing where to buy washing machine will be much easier since there thousands of shops online.

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