Jan 16, 2018

If you are moving to a new place from San Francisco for a job, read this

San Francisco is gorgeous no doubt. But sometimes, one needs to move out of the city. At times it’s family, other times it’s work. Moving to a new place is never easy and here’s some help.

For starters, make sure you have a job in hand before you plan the big move. Having a firm offer is the only reason for and situation in which someone should decide to move from one place to another. Once your offer is secured, think about the rest of what you need to do.

If you have only a few belongings and not too many big pieces of furniture, you could consider undertaking the packing on your own. This is also a good opportunity for you to decide what to keep and what to leave. Spring cleaning isn’t easy when you’re busy but a move is a great time to think about all the stuff you have and what you need to keep.

Make different piles.

·         One- stuff you want to throw away
·         Two- stuff you want to use in the new place
·         Three- stuff you would like to donate or give away
·         Four- stuff you need but in the future, not right now.

The fourth category can be especially tricky. You could box up everything and carry it to a new home. Or, you could find a way to store it and free up much needed space in your new house. What can help you are storage units San Francisco. This works well if you will visit the city once in a way or if you have friends and family there. Storage units are a boon for the traveler. Typically, they are units in a warehouse or a large outdoor space. The unit may be in the form of a room or a locker. People can rent out rooms for as long as they need- anywhere between weeks to years. Also known as self-storage, these units charge a fee to maintain the space. Self-storage units come equipped with cameras and alarms, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings. If you have heirlooms you need protected, climate controlled units are also available.

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to do with your things, it’s time to pack the rest of your stuff. Invest in collapsible boxes that can be stored easily for future use. Bubble wrap and packaging tape are a must. Give yourself enough time to do the packing. If you’re still serving out your notice period, you may not be able to take time off. So, do a little every day and a lot more on the weekend. Give yourself enough time to pace yourself out. Make sure you keep a note of the contents of each box. Label them neatly and shut them properly, with good seals. Wrap the breakable items with special care so they hold up well in transit. Do the same for furniture too. Get a sturdy moving vehicle and map your route carefully before you set out on your journey.

San Francisco will always have a part of you, thanks to the storage unit that holds your things.

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