Jan 31, 2018

9 Illnesses Caused by Pests

Pest control is not merely about keeping residential and commercial spaces devoid of detrimental insects. Ultimately, it’s about keeping our physical well-being in check.

We must constantly ensure that our environment is sanitary—pests, after all, are said to thrive in unhygienic places.

And what does that mean for us?

The presence of these insects will, consequently, give rise to a number of diseases. This goes to show how crucial pest control is—you don’t want to expose yourself to more and more illnesses when you can avoid them in the first place. That is, through appropriate pest control practices.

This article will tackle the 9 common ailments caused by pests.

1. Salmonellosis
Salmonellosis is a type of food poisoning. This occurs when your food is infected by rodent feces. This may be marked by symptoms of gastroenteritis.

2. Leptospirosis
This is also called Weil’s Disease. This ailment can be contracted when you come in contact with the urine of infected animals (especially rodents). It is highly contagious.

Some of its manifestations are: fever and jaundice (a yellowing of the skin).
In the Philippines, this disease is extremely widespread during the typhoon season, where the pests’ urine is free to mingle with the grimy flood ravaging the streets.

3. Rickettsial  Pox
Rickettsial Pox will lead to rashes in the body; that is, rashes that bear resemblance to chicken pox.

This is caused by mite bites—mouse and other rodents are usually the harbinger of these mites.

4. Dermatitis
Like rickettsial pox, this also arises from mite bites (which are often carried by mice).
Dermatitis is characterized by exceedingly itchy skin, which can develop into blisters.

5. Choriomeningitis
The breeder of this disease is typically the house mouse, although other rodents are also reported to carry this infection.

Choriomeningitis may lead to cerebral meningitis. Furthermore, in pregnant women, this has been linked to the emergence of other conditions in infants, such as: hydrocephalus, chorioretinitis (an eye illness), and mental retardation.

6. Rat-Bite Fever
As the name suggests, this is normally transmitted through rat bites. However, it can also be acquired when you ingest contaminated food and water.
Some of its symptoms include fever, headache, body pain, vomiting, and rashes.

7. Lyme disease
This emerges from the bites of ticks. This requires medical attention since it can progress into very severe illnesses, such as: cardiac and neurological conditions.

8. Tapeworm
This probably tops the list in one of the most pervasive and dangerous illnesses transmitted by pests to humans. They nest in our intestines and can make us horribly sick.

9. Favus
This is an extremely infectious skin disease caused by a fungus. This is carried by rodents. Aside from humans, household pets can also contract favus.

Key Takeaway

We tend to forget that more than keeping our homes and other establishments sanitary, pest control exists for a weightier reason—to prevent those insects from spreading harmful diseases. This article explores the myriads of illnesses that can assail us when pest control goes awry.

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