Jan 30, 2018

Effective Time Management Techniques for Students

Studying isn’t easy. Whether your child is studying in an international school in Manila or some other institutions, at one point, you’ve probably already witnessed them struggling with their education.

There are multitudes of factors that can hamper your child’s studies. Aside from the complexity of lessons or losing their motivation, they also face difficulty in managing their time efficiently.

That is, they’ll fiddle with their tablets or spend so much time on social media, and when the time comes, they’ll find themselves cramming, desperate to get things done in a short time.

Familiar scenario? Don’t worry. Your child isn’t alone. This post will explore some time management techniques that are perfect for students.

List the things that need to be done
It’s important to recognize what needs to be done first. To make things easier, students can keep a list of the things that they have to accomplish.

Aside from keeping everything organized, this will also serve as a guideline for the students. Whenever they’re feeling lost or confused, all they have to do is check their goals, which will hopefully put them back in track.

Create a timetable
Now that all the tasks are noted down, the next thing that needs to be done is to create a timetable of the things that need to be done and their corresponding deadlines. It’s best to keep this list handy. Once tasks are accomplished, they can be checked or crossed out for easier tracking.

Students can be as specific with their timetable as much as they want. They can keep a note of their study time, their recreation time, and so on.

Use a calendar
Aside from a timetable—which is a rather comprehensive list of what needs to be done—calendars can also be extremely helpful.
Students should opt for calendars that have a space for each date, so that notes or deadlines can be written on them.
Calendars will allow your child to see everything in a glance.

Get rid of distractions
These distractions will only lead to procrastination, and they don’t contribute anything at all to the job at hand. Social media networks are primary interruptions, as well as text messages, so it’s best to turn the notifications off and to veer away from these sites entirely.

Additionally, help your child set up their work space. It should be clutter-free and should contain only the necessary items for studying.

Avoid multitasking
It’s important to keep focused on the task at hand, and to try to devote your full attention to that particular task.

Take a break
Ensure that your children get the adequate amount of rest they need. They won’t be able to tackle their schoolworks well if they’re physically exhausted.
Aside from getting sufficient sleep, it’s pivotal that they also take rests in between their study time.

Key Takeaway
Even students in an international school in Manila sometimes struggle with their studies. Aside from complicated lessons, they can also have issues with time management, which is why it’s essential that they employ techniques that can help them have a better grasp of their time.

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