Jan 18, 2018

How To Build Your Own Custom Home

Most people dream of building a perfect home. Whether it’s in the mountains or on the beach, they can see every detail of it in their mind, but don’t know how to get there. Building your dream home comes with many benefits, but is also a long process that requires careful planning to ensure success. According to Newstart Homes, one of Queensland’s leading new home builders offering custom designs, new home designs and dual living designs, here are a few of the things you need to consider before you begin building.
Take Care Of Financing

Home building requires a large financial commitment. Loans for home construction must be in place before construction begins. The first step is to find out how much you can afford. Spend some time with different financial lenders and discuss your situation and determine what they can offer you. Remember, once these loans are in place it is very difficult to modify them, so cost overruns almost always have to paid by some other means. Understand your budget and what you can afford.

Learn About Building Codes

There are some building codes that are standardized across the country but each locality will have codes that are unique to it. Working with your county permitting office is critical to understanding which permits are required for home building, what needs to be inspected and when those inspections have to occur. It can also help you to understand foundation requirements, building materials specifications and permitted construction techniques. Make sure your home builder is familiar with all the local codes.
Talk To Architects and Home Builders

Not all home building companies are equal. To pick the one for you, visit several and ask to see examples of houses they have constructed. The professional conduct of the companies you meet with will tell you a lot about their construction practices. There are several questions you need to ask a builder. For example, ask what materials they use and compare them not only to what’s required in your local building codes but to what’s available on the market. Find out if they have an architect available that can assist you in designing your home, of if they have a set of pre-made plans.

Review any contract thoroughly before signing. Make sure it clearly spells out what the builder is responsible for providing, the materials they will use and the costs. Often construction loans are dependent on meeting certain completion goals. If this is required in your loans, make sure the dates are included in the contract. Also, have it specify how and when you will be notified of cost overruns.

Consider the Neighborhood

This will be your dream home and you believe you will never sell it, but you might eventually have to move for some unexpected reasons. It is wise to consider the home resale value when you custom build your home on a certain piece of land. You will want to match the home price range to others in the same neighbourhood so that your house doesn’t stand out as overpriced.

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