Jan 29, 2010

Your Sofa Reflects Your Personality

Sofa has different meaning for every one. There is one that assumes sofa as a piece of art work. There is one that uses sofa as center of his/her activities at home. But there is also one that uses sofa only to watch TV.

When you choose a sofa; of course, you will choose one that suits with your preference and personal style. That’s why sofa can reflect your personality.

Watch out for these types of sofa:
  • Clean and look-never-touched sofa. The owner is a tidy, discipline, well-organized person. She/he will never eat and drink on the sofa.

  • Sofa with traditional colorful fabrics which covers the part of it. The owner could be an artist or whoever, and the traditional fabrics reflecting a person who love cultural things.

  • Sofa with hard-to-clean stains. It’s the real sofa! The owner is an adventurer. The sofa is often used as a sleeping place by friends. Though is often used; this sofa isn’t comfortable enough to seat on.

  • Expensive and art-work sofa. If you go to the owner’s house; don’t you try to sit on it. The owner buy the sofa for its shape, he/she doesn’t buy the sofa’s function.

  • Sofa with the hollow in the middle. The owner is a game fan. Cables and remote control might scatter on the sofa. You may also find food crumbs there. But one thing for sure, you can relax and lift up your feet on the sofa.
Don’t be angry if you don’t agree with this analysis, hehehe. The sofa is yours; it’s all up to you…

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w.i.d.i. said...

wohowww... dah lama gak ke sini... datang-datang disediakan sofa.. hueheuheuheuyy.. ;)

Mommy Liz said...

wow! that's a nice info. What about stained microfiber sofa? meaning, lots of kids spilled so much soda and juice on it, like ours, hahaha!

eden said...

I like this post and I admit I belong to the sofa with hallow in the middle..hehehe.. there always food crumbs in our sofa..lolz

MJ said...

nice post Lina...hehehe...we got kids at home so...

Anonymous said...

I agree with your analysis lin.. though I won't tell you what kind of sofa we have since it would tell you my personality.. hehehe

Sorry I wasn't able to visit for a while, I was so busy recently for fifi's 1st bday... I'll make it up to you after the party..

Anywy, auntie lina is invited! hehehe


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