Jan 5, 2010

Have a Better Kitchen Storage! (2)

This post is the continuance. In the previous post, I’ve mentioned about manage your pantry and kitchen storage cabinet. Here are other tips for you to have a better kitchen storage:

3. Manage your cooking utensils. 
Since these items are frequently used, you can place them outside near the stove. You can display them on the wall or place them in an appealing container. Cooking utensils become an important element of your kitchen’s design interior. You can use the colorful appearance of cooking utensils to beautify your kitchen.

You may not intend to place all your cooking utensils outside. If you want to place some of cooking utensils into the utensil drawer, to avoid clutter, you can make it tidy and organized by creating order with a drawer divider and organizer.

4. Manage your tableware. 

You can usually place the dishes in your kitchen storage. Using dish drawers with moveable holders will keep your dishes firmly in place. It can also be shifted around to fit the exact dimensions of your plates. If you want to display your beautiful tableware, you can place them in a transparent cabinet. Organize your tableware in the cabinet by placing the same item in one spot.

5. Manage your kitchen appliances. 

Before organizing your kitchen appliances, you must decide first what appliances that you need to keep on display and to keep stored away. Any electrical appliances such as blenders or juicers that are only used once in a while can be stored up high or out of the kitchen altogether. It will give more surface space in your kitchen.

The aim of better storage in your kitchen is you can move around your kitchen well and comfortably, and can find items that you’re looking for in a moment. Have you already interested to try it?
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