Jan 22, 2010

Make Your Home a Child Friendly Home (3)

Here are more you-should-do lists to protect your child at your own home. Happy reading…


  • Keep anti-slip bath mats on the floor and in the bath tub to prevent falls.
  • Store medications and cosmetics in locked containers out of children’s reach.
  • Keep hair dryers and other electric appliances unplugged and out of children’s reach. Make sure each has a ground fault circuit interrupter (it does if its plug has two buttons labeled "set" and "reset").
  • To prevent drowning, always supervise young children in the bathroom. Pay extra attention when they’re in the tub. Never leave a child alone in water. And drain the sink or tub when finished.
  • Keep your hot water heater at 120°F or lower to prevent scalding. Be aware that a child’s skin is more sensitive to heat than an adult’s, and can burn more easily.
  • Use toilet seat locks to prevent toddlers from drowning.
  • Use doorknob covers on bathroom doors. These require you to squeeze them to open the door, which is hard for young children.
Your Child’s Bedroom.

  • Keep diaper changing supplies within reach of the changing table. Never leave your baby unattended on the changing table. And use the safety strap if the table has one.
  • Keep cords for drapery and blinds out of reach of children. Your child could strangle on them.
  • Make sure a toy box does not have a heavy lid that could trap your child. Install a safety hinge that holds the lid open, or remove the lid.
  • Keep the bed away from windows.
  • Use bunk beds only for older kids.
Try these tips to keep your child’s crib safe:

  • Remove toys, pillows, and stuffed animals. Also remove bumper pads and loose blankets. All of these items could be used as steps for climbing out of the crib. They could also cause a suffocation hazard.
  • Make sure the crib slats are no more than 2 inches apart. Wider slats can trap a baby’s head.
  • Check the crib for small parts that a child could choke on.
Family Room.

  • Keep furniture edges and corners covered to prevent injuries.
  • Secure large TVs and other heavy furniture with a wall strap. This keeps them from falling over. Use a TV stand that is the correct size to hold your TV.
  • Place a barrier around fireplaces and other heat sources.
  • Keep cords for drapes and blinds out of children’s reach.
  • Try to keep electrical cords out of children’s reach. Make sure none are frayed.
  • Keep furniture away from windows. This prevents children from climbing up on the furniture and falling out of the window.
  • Keep all houseplants out of reach of children.
  • Avoid tables with glass surface.
  • Remove loose rugs or secure them to the floor.

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Pictures sources: practicalsurfaceware.com; nursery-kids-child-room.blogspot.com; buybuybaby.com
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wid's everylittlething said...

beuneur bangeud nih... terkadang ada hal-hal kecil menyangkut safety untuk balita terlupakan.. tips nya bisa jadi reminder untuk qta untuk mengevaluasi ulang usaha kita untuk meminimalkan resikonya... ;)

rossel said...

so true. when my daughter was still a baby, we made our house baby proof. you can see rubber mats everywhere and foams on corners and ends of every furniture we have.

Bacolod and BeyondJourney said...

wow, I like the crib, it's nice to have a baby

Johnson Manurung said...

i like the article

Ana Cristina said...

Yes, safety is essential when having children at home!!!

kathy said...
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Erick said...

ni ada bisnis baru lagi.... cuma klik trus tgu 1 mnit trus dpat $10 x minimal 5 iklan perhari.
mau??? jlan2 aja ke blognya erick. trus dafta di posting "mudah Saja".
dijamin sukses.... ak dah dapat $12000 lebih

imelda said...

yes it plays to be safe than sorry

sewa mobil said...

ya semoga tip dan sarannya dapat membuat keluarga lebih bahagia

Unknown said...

Nice posting Lin.. Bermanfaat banget buat yg punya anak kecil yg sangat aktif seperti anakku.. :)

rental mobil said...

thanks for the info and explanation provided

Unknown said...

I have a 8 months old baby, which color do u suggest for his bed room ??

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