Jan 1, 2010

Have a Better Kitchen Storage!

Do you still need more time to find something in your kitchen? If you say yes, you should reorganize your kitchen! In this post I’ll mention how to do it; and I’ll write this topic in two posts. Happy reading…

Due to the busy life, most people want to have a tidy and uncluttered kitchen. An organized kitchen will facilitate the owner to work more efficiently in the kitchen and they don’t have to waste times in looking for things anymore. To organize your kitchen, the main problem that usually occurs is lack of storage.

Here are several tips for better storage in your kitchen:
1. Manage your pantry.

Having a neat and organized pantry in your kitchen is very necessary due to a quick turnover of food and it will also ease you to know your food stock. You really need a pantry to organize your food. Before reorganizing your food stuffs, empty your pantry first.

  • Organize the food by categories such as snacks, oils, pastas, cereals, etc.

  • Pay attention to the expiration date of each item.

  • Use first in first out inventory method in your pantry: put at the back the newer items and move forward the older items.

  • Store your tallest products like cereal and crackers on the tallest shelf.

  • Put the foods you use most in the front.

  • If the tallest shelf is also the top shelf, change storing these foods becomes horizontally on a lower shelf so that your child can take it easily.

  • Don’t forget to place the food labels facing the front.

  • It’s better to watch your food stock by making a daily inventory journal or just simply writing the food stock on a kitchen board.

  • 2. Manage your kitchen storage cabinet.

    • The items you use frequently should be located above the kitchen counter or below bench height to avoid bending and stretching every time you reach the items.

    • The things you use least often should be located at the very highest and lowest points in the cabinet.

    • Bigger and weightier items should be located in lower cabinets also. Those items you use only once in a while can be stored outside the kitchen altogether.

    • Use the current trend cabinets with fully-extending drawers to ease you look at your whole storage, wide-opening hinges, slam-proof drawers, under-cabinet lighting strips to brighten bench top and also lights that turn on automatically when a cabinet door is opened.

    • You don’t need to buy a new cabinet; you can just simply add each item mentioned above to modify your present cabinet.

    • Kitchen storage is not only cabinets; you can use hooks, racks, containers, drawer dividers and more. You can get these items in less cost and can install them easily into your present kitchen.

    • To maximize your cabinet’s storage, you should think storing items vertically by installing wall racks or vertical slots within your cabinet.
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