Jan 1, 2010

Make Your Home a Child Friendly Home

Dear parents, of course, you want your home to be a safe place for your child. But have you known that accidents at home often happen to children that normally move very actively? Independent Research Institute of USA, in 2008, records that there are 15,000 accidents cases that children experienced at their own home. A house becomes the second place where accidents happen after roads and vehicles.

The cause of accident at home is arranging and choosing furniture and room design that less pay attention to child safety factor. Whereas, children move and play everywhere, so that they are in high risk to get an accident, like struck down by television, stick in cables, get a shock from electricity, or bump into sharp and pointed angles of furniture. Don’t worry, with a little care, many incidents can be prevented.

Be prepared for emergencies. Keep a list of emergency information near every phone in the house. This should include your address and emergency phone numbers in your local area. Also, consider learning basic first aid and CPR. Keep also the availability of first aid supplies.

To make your home child friendly, there are general tips for you (I’ll divide these tips in several posts):

1. Look for safety hazards in your home from your child’s view point. Get down on your hand and knees and look around. Think about what looks dangerous to your child.

2. Put the wall plug far from your child reach, ex: on high position or covered by furniture. If you by force put the wall plug at low position, you should choose closed and secured wall plug. Use plug protectors on all unused electrical outlets. Keep electrical appliances unplugged when not in use.(image source:Habitatter.com)
3. Keep at a distance all electricity equipments from water source like washtub or bathtub cranes.

4. Put away electricity cables. If it isn’t put inside the wall, protect it with cable sealer.

5. Make a child playing area far from the kitchen. Keep all matches and lighters out of children’s reach.

6. Use floor-tile special for bath room to protect children from falling. The tile surface is coarser than regular tile and it isn’t slippery when wet.

7. Choose anti-slip floor-tile or covering the floor with covering matter, especially on places that your child use to play. The sharp angles of tile like at terrace; can be anticipated by installing step nosing.

8. Let the bathroom door open when your child has a bath. Some children are like playing with keys, so that they can get locked at the bath room.

9. Don’t fill too much water in bath tub or bucket. There are many cases that children got drowned while having a bath. Always accompany children below 3 years old every time at the bath room. Don’t forget to empty buckets when not in use and turn them over. Even one inch of water can pose a drowning risk for small children.

10. Use a sturdy strap to secure large TVs and other furniture to the wall. This can prevent the items from falling on small child.
There are still other tips that we should know. As I said before, I will divide this topic into several posts. It’s very important to have a child friendly home!

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