Dec 31, 2009

Green Tea can be a Good Cleaner for Your Kitchen

Are you a green tea drinker? I myself use to drink two cups of green tea every day. Have you already known that besides all benefits for human’s health, green tea is also a good cleaner for your home especially the kitchen area?

There are many advantages if you use green tea as a cleaner. During this tough economy, saving money by cutting down expenses becomes very significant for every household. You may also try to reduce using chemical material at your home.

By using green tea to clean your kitchen, you can both save money and have more ‘green’ life at the same time. Since the kitchen is usually one of the dirtiest areas of your home; making clean your kitchen every day with green tea is less cost than using other cleaner. You can reuse the green tea residue that is left on the bottom of your mug or you can buy the less expensive one.

Applying green tea to clean your kitchen is also harmless because you utilize its natural non caustic ingredients. When cleaning with a chemical cleaner, you should wear hand gloves to protect your hands from being irritated. You don’t have to wear hand gloves if you use green tea as a cleaner. Your hands will still be clean and may become softer than before.

How to clean your kitchen with green tea as a cleaner? Here is practical guidance below that you can apply:
  • You can apply this green tea cleaning method in your kitchen every day or at least once a week. You can reuse the green tea residue by compiling it from your mug, but it seems that the amount is insufficient to clean the whole kitchen area; you need it more. To use green tea as a cleaner, you shouldn’t buy the branded one. Choose the cheapest green tea in the store.
  • Heat up a big glass of water in the microwave or heat up a teakettle of water. As you make your green tea for a drink, pour the hot water from the teakettle into the pot. Dip a pair of tea bags into the pot. Stir hot water with tea bags in it several times and hold on for a while until the extract of green tea entirely comes out.
  • Your green tea extract in the pot is prepared to use already. You can use a sponge, rag or paper tools. Make sure that they all are in clean condition. Immerse the sponge into the pot and press it lightly to remove the excessive green tea extract.
  • Don’t have to wear hand gloves. Straightly scrub the wet sponge away at your kitchen. You can use this green tea extract to clean the sink, the stove surface, the front and inside of the microwave, the front of the refrigerator, counter top surface and other appliances.
Your kitchen will look totally clean, shiny and have a fresh smell too. Green tea is not only a healthy drink but also a high qualified natural cleaner that you should apply at your home!

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Christina, Sweden said...

This was an interesting way to clean and that is easy for me to try as I am a big fan of tea :-)

Christina, sweden

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