Feb 4, 2010

How to Give Cut Roses a Longer Life

Roses are one of favorite flowers to decorate your house. Just place cut roses in a vase, and put the vase on everywhere that you like most. If you want to see the beauty of these roses longer, you will like the tips. Happy reading…

The tips are made by Jeff Cox, host of
HGTV’s Grow It! show. With these tips, your roses will last twice as long-seven to 10 days rather than three to five.

Step 1
Start by choosing blossoms that are still fairly tight.

Step 2
Count back on the stem to the first five-leaflet leaf, and cut the stem just above it. Cut on a severe slant to give the stem maximum surface area.

Step 3
Fill a tall conditioning can such as florists use (or any tall container) with water, and plunge the cut roses into the can so that the water reaches the top of the stem.

Step 4
Let the roses soak for 24 hours, then arrange them in a vase of water.

Step 5
Drop a couple of pennies into the vase
. The copper inhibits the growth of bacteria. Without an inhibitor, bacteria growth at the base of the stems can prevent adequate water intake and make the roses wilt.

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A.M.I.N.A said...

Salam LIn!I love flowers and thanks for sharing these tips.I remember our teacher in high school told us to drop an aspirin ito the vase to prevent the flowers from wilting fast.:)

FaYe said...

good tips! i really like roses. i will follow these tips.

Miawruu said...

thanks for the tips, I really like roses. But they witting so fast. Hope with this tips can make roses kept fresh any longer.

imelda said...

nice to kow abut this. thanks

MJ said...

ohh flowers...lovely...thanks for the tips...

Office for rent in Singapore said...

That’s great. I love roses. Now I can follow these tips for keep freshness.

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