Feb 12, 2010

Affordable Way to Make a Better Bedroom

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. After all, you spend at least 8 hours there each day. If your bedroom isn't comfortable it can factually keep you awake at night by making it difficult to sleep. Your bedroom should also be a sanctuary while you're awake.

How can you turn your bedroom into a luxurious escape when you're on a budget? Janice Simonsen, one of the design experts at IKEA, shared tips.

Here are the tips:
  • The right lighting can help create an air of luxury for less. Install dimmers on existing lights or use scented candles for an easy way to set a soothing mood.

  • Textiles make a room cozy. Plush rugs feel great and make chilly floors warmer. Use sheers to fashion a billowy canopy using two curtain rods or add a colorful cotton duvet cover to brighten things up.

  • Snuggle up under a down or down-alternative comforter. Look for one that provides just the right amount of warmth. New materials like modal and lyocell wick moisture from the body to make sleeping more comfortable.

  • Adding pillows of various shapes and sizes is an inexpensive way to help dress up a bedroom. Consider mixing and matching different types including round, bolster and European square.

  • Little items mean a lot. Small, pretty mirrors, photo frames and simple yet elegant vases add a bit of opulence. Try clustering small items or collections in one area rather than scattering them to avoid a cluttered feeling.
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