Jan 23, 2018

How to Keep your Living Space Safe with Roller Shutters

While some people choose to have window shutters installed for aesthetic reasons, this fixture’s primary benefit is providing security. These days, it has become essential to find ways to increase your home’s security. While roller shutters efficiently deter burglary attempts, they are also ideal for protecting your living space from storm damage and fire. 

Here are some of the ways roller shutters keep your abode safe:

Roller Shutters for Securing your Home

The most obvious reason why people install roller shutters over their windows is to increase their home security. The following are some of the features of a secure roller shutter:

Deeper Rail Channel

It can be easier to force the curtain out of the rail when the rail channel of a roller shutter is shallow. This is even more likely when the burglar is highly persistent and tenacious. Roller shutters with a deeper guide rail make it difficult for burglars to penetrate. The standard size for rail channels is 25mm. However, there are good brands with a 40mm rail channel.

Two-Piece Rail System

High-quality roller shutters also have a two-piece rail system which effectively hides the fasteners. Once this has been installed, your roller shutters will be secure and protected against tampering and unauthorised access.

Edge Retention System

There are also roller shutters with an edge retention system with grooves inside the rail and hooks at the curtain’s ends. This is an efficient design that works well against forced entries. The more force the curtain receives, the more that the hooks clamp onto the grooves. So, when someone tries to take down your roller shutters, they would fail to do so because the curtain stays firmly attached to the rail channel.

You also have to remember that it is more expensive to get roller shutters with an edge retention system. However, if you the burglary rates in your area are high, then you might want to seriously consider getting one. This type of roller shutter is also ideal if you live in an area prone to hurricanes and storms.

Protecting your Home Against Storm Damage

Without proper protection, your windows might break and shatter during a hurricane or storm, making your home vulnerable to further damages. The powerful winds may bring an upward pressure that can tear off your roof. If worse comes to worst, your house may be compromised and your walls may collapse.

Once your windows are broken, water may start coming into your home. You can face damages worth thousands of dollars even with an inch of floodwater. This is plausible especially since a rock can be driven at 155mph with a hurricane’s forceful winds.

You can keep your living space safe from storm damage by installing roller shutters over your windows. Before the rainy season approaches, make sure you keep your windows intact. Doing so allows you to avoid damages and injuries.

How Roller Shutters Protect you From Storm Damage

Physical Barriers for your Windows

Your unprotected windows are your home’s most vulnerable openings amidst fierce storms. With roller shutters installed over them, your windows can have a protective layer over them. Roller shutters function as physical barriers against flying debris and hailstones which can smash your glass windows.

Durable Aluminium Slats

Once you start searching for roller window shutters, you will find products with durable, interlocking aluminium slats. There are manufacturers that offer enamel-coated slats, ensuring that the surface is protected and kept durable through the years. This means that your roller shutters can endure so many storms and still manage to properly function.

Reliable and Secure Locking System

If you opt for a roller shutter with a secure locking system, you can also protect your windows amidst hurricanes and storms. The locking mechanism is supposed to keep your roller shutters in place no matter how strong the winds are. An anti-lift locking mechanism keeps your roller shutters from being loosened by rain, wind and flying debris.

Bushfire Protection with Roller Shutters

If you live in a bush fire zone in Australia, then you might want to seriously consider protecting your windows with roller shutters. Taking preventive measures is essential in ensuring that your house and its contents are protected in the unfortunate event of a wildfire.

Even if you live a kilometre away from the actual fire, your glass windows are still prone to breaking and shattering. The wind can carry radiant heat that may damage your windows. Even if you have double-glazed windows, their protection would not be enough to keep them from shattering amidst the heat. Once your windows are broken, fiery embers may fly into your home and start a fire.

You have to note that it is not possible to find roller shutters that are 100% fire-resistant. However, getting a properly rated roller shutters installed over your glass windows can be considered secure enough. Your shutters will efficiently absorb the heat and prevent it from breaking the glass windows.

Choose a Reliable and Reputable Roller Shutter Installer

Once you start searching for roller shutter suppliers, you will discover that you are spoilt for choice. This may be a good thing, but it can be overwhelming for you to choose the ideal installer. There are certain qualities that make a roller shutter supplier reliable and trustworthy. Keep in mind that your family’s security is in the hands of your roller shutter installer. So, it is important to choose the right company that can deliver your security goals.

Before you make a decision, make sure that you check the company’s references and licenses. It is also important that you verify the validity of their certifications. If you do not have a supplier in mind yet, you can consult your friends or neighbours who have installed rolling shutters. You can ask for their feedback, complaints and recommendations.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of suppliers, you can go online and read reviews. You can also search for online forums and ask for recommendations from the members. 

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Jan 22, 2018

How to Buy LG Washing Machine Online | Cloth Washer Buying Guide

Washing machines have turned into indispensable appliances in present-day life. Buying this gadget will not only save you time and energy in washing clothes, but it will also earn you the eternal appreciation of your household assistant if you hire one to help you with your laundry.

Before purchasing any appliance, you should first evaluate the functionality, utility and budget to ensure your demand is appropriately defined. When acquiring an LG washing machine, you would like an appliance that's both affordable and long-lasting. It is also crucial that you invest in a product that can do laundry in a reasonable period utilising as minimal water as possible. Luckily, LG has a wide array of washers to select from that suit your needs, lifestyle and your budget; such as the LG stacked washer and dryer combo.

Select the Most Suitable Type of Washer

Front-load vs Top-Load Washing Machines

Front-load washers have a better spin which leaves less water in the laundry meaning less drying time. The high-efficiency models need low-sudsing high-efficiency detergents because of their low levels of water, and they need a little more attention. These washers have more convenience and cycle features than the traditional top-load washers. The most recommended front loader is LG WM3770HWA. Regardless of the washer styles, the warranty periods are twelve months.

The traditional top-load washer is cheaper to buy and more comfortable to stack. High-efficiency washing machines in front-load and top-load models cost a lot more but they are good energy and water savers, and front-loaders have the best energy rankings. The most recommended top loader is the LG 5.0.

High-efficiency front-load models are just the best in saving water and electricity, but all washing machines have better ratings on energy consumption that before.

Available Space

How big is your space? Where will the washer go? How much room will you require to open the lid, door, load and unload your device, close and open the doors to your laundry room? Do you have access to gas, water or electricity points? Get a measuring tape, write the dimensions of your space and current machine in a notebook and use it as you buy washing machine online.

If your space is limited, then a front-load washer is a better option, since you can easily wall-mount or stack your dryer on top of it. Most front loaders are typically created to blend in a traditional kitchen cabinet space, meaning you can install your washer in the kitchen or beneath a bench top.


The capacity of a washing machine depends on its tub size. It is the highest load that the washer can handle in a single cycle. For the best cleaning results, ensure that the laundry within the tub gets adequate room to move around. Washing machine capacity ranges between 4kg. and 10kg. Do you intend to use the washer to clean heavy duvets, bedcovers and curtains? If yes, then a larger one will be more suitable for you.

Select the Features You Need

The more features a washer has, the higher its price. For instance, most high- and mid-priced machines come with a steam setting. However, tests have proved that steam only slightly improves the stain removal of the appliance. So, select and buy cheap washing machine online which is high-functioning and one that suits your budget, and then think about the features that enhance convenience or save you time.

Washing machines are among the most challenging appliances to buy. Deciding where to buy LG washing machine is equally challenging as well since the market is full of complex and enticing models. However, if you first define the right washer that suits your needs, knowing where to buy washing machine will be much easier since there thousands of shops online.

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Caroline is a writer with years of experience in business administration. She enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for her own book. Her twitter, @BCarolinebird12.

Jan 19, 2018

Is Positive Sentiment the Driving Force Behind the Increasing Demands of Premium Flats in Kolkata?

We all have an image of our dream home all set in our imagination. A lavish home to call our own, with every facility and amenity to make living even more luxurious, we dream of such a place and more. Now it is possible to own premium flats in Kolkata, the city of joy!

An increase in luxury residential projects

Luxury residential projects are in high demand and the brief slowdown that hit the real estate market towards the end of 2016 is long gone. The market is seeing an upward trend and experts believe the trend to continue in the New Year as well. The increase in demand for luxury residential projects has directly improved the market and, thus, the number of luxury residential projects in the city. Almost every major real estate developer has contributed to the pool of luxury residential projects in Kolkata.

New locations within the city

If you take a closer look at the new luxury residential complexes coming up in the city, you will notice a trend that the real estate developers are shifting their focus towards the areas within the city that were ignored till date. Quite understandably so, since there isn’t much space left in the major locations within the city. The luxury residential complexes need large areas of land that are not readily available in the heart of the city. However, improving infrastructure and connectivity of the outskirts with the city center has led to the increasing demand for the luxury projects coming up in areas such as Rajarhat, EM Bypass, Joka and other such areas in Kolkata. Moreover, these regions are going to be well connected via the Metro network in the near future. The development of these areas of Kolkata has resulted in the city developing and spreading over a larger area. This is indeed a positive sign, given the increasing number of population migrating to the capital for various purposes.

A positive sentiment driving the luxury projects

Even if the above-mentioned factors had remained constant, without a sustainable demand it would have been impossible for the real estate developers to keep developing luxury residential complexes. Thankfully, the demand is pretty high and as per the experts, it is going to be strong in the upcoming years. Today, even a 1 BHK flat in Rajarhat equipped with all the modern amenities has high demand in the market. One of the major reasons behind the increasing demands is the improving lifestyle and changing preferences within the city. With surplus incomes going up with today generation, the lifestyle is bound to change. Factors like having a posh and stylized locality, easy access to the best educational institutions and medical facilities within the city, a need to have gymnasium, entertainment centers, shopping centers, and more, within the housing complex, have led to the development of these luxury residential apartments. An ever growing need and demand for a better lifestyle are some of the important driving forces when it comes to the development and sale of the luxury apartments. And, as the trend looks, this driving force is going to stay strong for a long time.

The Takeaway Point

It can be deduced from the above-mentioned facts that the growing need of luxury residence has certainly been a driving force behind the development of premium projects in the city. According to the experts, the number of premium projects is soon going to change the city’s skyline in the coming years.

Description: One Rajarhat is the upcoming luxury residential project of Anik Industries. Replete with all sorts of premium luxury elements, One Rajarhat is soon going to be the abode of the urban folks who won't settle for anything less than pure elegance.

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