Apr 28, 2020

5 Space-Saving Hacks For Your Home Office

To set your mind right to work, the best thing to do is to make your home office comfortable and prep it for a busy day ahead. You’ll find that having a clutterless desk and enough space to move around can help increase your productivity. In fact, an article explaining what clutter can do to your creativity mentions that “mess creates stress.”

So, work on maximizing your office space and organizing it to have a perfect desk. Here are four space-saving hacks for your home office:

1.   Clear and Organize your Papers

The best way to start space-saving is to go through that pile of papers you have building up dust over the months. It’s time to get rid of unwanted papers and organize the important ones. Put them in colorful folders with multiple compartments.

Avoid having too many folders by just using one big one and adding labels or colors to segregate your documents.

2.   Add Creative Storage

Go all out for this one! You can have fun with creative storage, as there are tons of multipurpose storage boxes you can utilize to help you get rid of a messy desk.

You can also place it on the walls, underneath your table, or next to your desk—depending on your need and preference. Experiment with this and find a shelf or even shelves that can store everything you need at arm’s reach. 

3.   Maximize all Areas of Space

Be smart with this one by picking the right furniture to use up your home office space. Avoid using chunky furniture unless deemed necessary. All you need is furniture that can help you make progress at work.

You may also opt to have small LED lamps to create a brighter working space. Floor lamps, however, can take up unnecessary space.

When it comes to flooring, as it also affects how your space looks, choose flooring that’s easy to clean and maintain, especially if you don’t have the time to look after it.
4.   Start Clipping

An awesome way to save space is to clip all the reminders and documents you need daily. Simply clip your to-do lists together and hang them next to your desk. This way, you don’t only declutter your desk, but also avoid missing out on important tasks.

5.     Organize your pull-out desk drawer

First thing to do is to collect any obvious trash like old receipts. Bundle all things that are similar such as business cards, Post-it, and other things that you want to keep. Fit the drawer with multi-sectioned inserts. You may also use small transparent plastic boxes to group little office tools and supplies such as paper clips, ballpens, Sharpies, glue, scotch tapes, etc.

Before you start working, try out these hacks and see an improvement in your work. You’ll surely feel more comfortable now and won’t be stressed out from all the mess. 

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