Apr 29, 2020

Importance of landscaping in apartment complex

As the global consciousness about the preservation of the environment is rising, the importance of landscape architecture is deeply felt by everyone and implemented in as many areas as possible. The fact is, surroundings make a significant contribution to our quality of life. The presence of lush greenery in abundance along with vast stretches of planned lawns, impeccably landscaped avenues, and rows of gorgeous flowering trees – right outside your windows are treating to the eyes and joy to the soul.

Premium apartment complexes stand apart by offering stunning outdoor spaces for their residents to enjoy throughout the year. Adding gorgeous, well-maintained trees and landscapes offers substantial benefits to those living within the complex. Also, adding shade trees and landscape gardens provides a large amount of financial value to the apartment complex. In Newtown, the newly developed planned city in Kolkata, the apartment complexes receive great financial benefit by increased property values because of the addition of valuable shade trees and well-manicured landscaping. A young couple working in IT Sector of Saltlake Sector 5, wanted to live closer to their workplace. So, they settled for a premium 3 BHK apartment in Rajarhat, Newtown where bonding over cups of their favourite tea while enjoying the community’s landscaped vistas is a morning ritual for them.

But why landscaping is becoming a priority for developers?

1.   Sustainability:

Landscaping can make a constructive contribution to the improvement rather than the destruction of environment. Plants that form an important element in landscape design aid in reducing the pollution of the environment and minimizing some of the effects of heat, sound, wind, air etc. Sustainable approaches represent holistic strategies which are making our environment healthier and cleaner. Landscape architecture has a major role in this practice, starting with energy saving and going all the way to water purification. That’s why housing complexes are giving more importance to ample natural light processing, extensive shading, and energy saving avenues, rainwater harvesting, compost reserves.

2.   Aesthetic value:

The addition of healthy shade trees and beautiful landscape gardens would also add significant aesthetic value to the apartment complex property. Landscaping makes dull areas look pleasing and it is possible to make ordinary homes into spectacular ones with proper planning. Apartment complexes having paths between buildings can have landscaping pebbles or gravel which creates a polished, refined look. Housing complexes that look good visually easily attract buyers. And landscape architecture plays a major role in bringing out the view as well as in hiding the unattractive elements, such as old walls, sewer pipelines and open drains. Highlighting a tranquil and picturesque outdoor atmosphere throughout the year can help a lot while promoting residential properties. Landscaping enhances the property appeal and adds value to it.

3.   Functionality:

Landscape architecture is redefining luxury in residential properties by providing an outdoor environment that is creative as well as functional in many ways. While children can come close to nature within the premises, adults can enjoy a lazy stroll around in the evening or go for jogging inhaling fresh air every day. Residents will also have a place for healthy recreation and socialisation. Trees and shrubs strategically planted throughout the complex can help block window access and door entry by burglars, lowering the potential for criminal activity.

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