Apr 28, 2020

5 Ways A Swimming Pool in the Residential Complex is Beneficial

While a swimming pool is nowadays a pretty familiar amenity available in the residential complex, you cannot ignore its benefits.Firstly, it amps up the luxury quotient. In fact, the modern day living is simply incomplete without a pool in your residential complex. From premium flats to the budget ones, a pool in the residential project is more of a lifestyle amenity.But, did you ever wonder, how a pool inside the complex impacts your lifestyle? Is it simply a relaxation spot and a place to catch up with fellow residents? Let’s find out what the owners think.

“I believe, swimming pools are more than about refreshing dips on a breezy evening or a sunny morning.Benefits are mostly related to your health”, says Mr. Sarkar, an IT employee, who has recently booked a 2 BHK flatnear Barasat Railway station.

1. Helps You De-stress & Fights Anxiety
You might know that an ongoing and unaddressed anxiety can take a toll on your health. While regular exercise can help you a lot, a busy schedule doesn’t give you the luxury of time. But, a 45 mins refreshing dip in cool waters can be the antidote to your increasing stress.And, with a pool inside your residential complex, you do not need to manage an extra time for going outside and work out. Regular swimming can address stress related issues like anxiety, insomnia, depression and weight gain. It secretes “happy hormone” serotonin in your brain, thus keeping you upbeat evenafter a hectic day.

2. Fun Way to Work Out
Experts say, swimming is a fun way to keep anxiety at bay. And, when it’s inside your residential complex, you can visit the pool any time. In many complexes,pool sides are happening relaxation spot. You can carry out your regular physical activity in that space, which obviously has numerous wellness benefits. Moreover, swimming with your fellow residents is an incredibly fun form of exercise that gets your heart pumping and body moving in a dynamic way.

3. Wellness Benefits of the Outdoor exercise
While indoor exercise is great, outdoor activities can offer you a plethora of unique benefits. Various studies reveal that outdoor activities increases brain function and enhance concentration skills. And with a swimming pool inside the complex, outdoor exercises are like everyday affair. First of all, you do not need to go too far and away from your home. So, you can actually enjoy the benefits of outdoor workouts without compromising on your valuable time.

4. Promotes Social Interaction
A swimming pool on the residential complex enables you to spend time with family and friends.. Such kind of socialization is immensely important for general and psychological well-being. A residential pool can be a perfect hangout spot for the kids, where they can get engaged in some water sports and interact.

5. Fun Time Around the Pools
With a pool in your residential complex, you can think of arranging your kid’s birthday party and other fun events in the poolside. 

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