Apr 28, 2020

Indoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Mood

Do you feel more energetic on sunny days and more creative with the lights turned down low? Well it’s not a random phenomenon. The reason is, different kinds of light we’re exposed to, can have a different impact on our emotional health and wellbeing.Light actually does much more than giving us the ability to see.In fact, they have the ability to change the whole feeling of a space by creating a mood and an ambiance.

Perfect lighting arrangement can enhance the mood and desirability of a space. Proper ambient, task and accent lighting cannot only brighten up your home but boost your brains to help you feel more optimistic as well. As a large number of working professionals are working from home, creating a positive and productive environment at home has become a necessity.

Let’s invest some thoughts into lighting up these dark days with some great lighting ideas!

1.   Brighten your space with LED bulbs:
LED bulbs produce warm or cool light that are typically the most appealing and are used in living rooms and bedrooms. Some spaces in our home need ambient lighting. A well-lit living room can make you feel happier while a cool, white-toned light encourages calmness. Premium quality LED bulbs illuminate a room with great brightness that can mimic a sunny day. We feel more sociable, cheerful and alert in such a room.

2.   Bring in warm glow with LED candles:
Create an atmosphere of romance in your bedroom with LED candles. Soft lights bring a sense of intimacy and also works in harmony with our body clock. Soft lights allow the melatonin level to rise, readying it for sleep. We dim the light or switch it off as a darker room helps us feel relaxed and comfortable. Use dimmable mood lighting to customize illumination of the room. Visual warmth can be created with LED candles or lamps. Choose flamboyant lampshades with the right light output to create your desirable ambiance.

3.   Focus better with Task lighting:
Task lighting is perfect for accomplishing jobs that require attention to detail. Workspaces in the home such as kitchens, home offices, craft rooms and basements or garages need bright, straightforward lighting. If you prefer chic style in your home interior, pendant lights hung from the ceiling can increase the aesthetic aspects. Table and desk lamps with neutral white or cool white light help to concentrate better without disturbing the ambience of the rest of the room.

4.   Create some drama with Accent Lighting:
Accent lighting creates a balance of visibility throughout the room. These lights create moods of rest and relaxation, intense energy or intimate romance. If you have some artistic pieces to show off, accent lighting is perfect to highlight the works of art, sculpture and furniture pieces that occupy a space. The light and shadow illumination create a drama in the interior that look gorgeous and provide a stylish vibe in the space. Check the concealed lighting prices here.

5.   Add a ‘wow’ factor with string lights:
Even simple string lights can create a warm and welcoming vibe in your home. String along a shelf above your working desk or by the railing of your balcony to add a touch of playfulness. Add a sense of style without sacrificing productivity by having some string lights and warm up your cozy workspace. Hang them around floaty curtains in your bedroom for a magical atmosphere. The pretty lights will give a more personal touch to your space and easily make you feel happy.

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