May 22, 2018


Although some people feel the Zoysia grass is invasive and requires a lot of attention if you do not want it to take over your yard edges and garden, it can be contained and is one of the best grasses you could plant for your lawn. It is best to plant plugs instead of seeding if you want to avoid the invasion of the Zoysia grass. Just like most grass species, there are several types of Zoysia grass for you to pick from. You can identify the differences by looking at pictures of zoysia grass lawn.
1.   Zenith Zoysia grass
This is the seeded type of Zoysia grass that is often grown. When it has achieved its full growth, it forms a dense, warm and beautiful turf. If well established, this grass does not suffer from the effects of heavy foot traffic. After seeding, it takes 14-24 days to germinate in temperatures higher than 70 degrees. For best results, its best to first plant Zenith in early spring when soil temperature is above 65 degrees. Zenith grass has all the advantages of any Zoysia grass with the advantage of growing from seed. It is highly tolerant of cold weather. It is therefore ideal for regions that experience low temperatures.

2.   Empire Zoysia grass
The tight blade growth of this variety of Zoysia grass is responsible for the depth of its color. The luscious dark green color that is made even deeper by the wide blades makes this the ideal lawn grass for you. This grass survives through winter so you will have a beautiful lawn during all the seasons. The empire Zoysia grass performs well in any zone. The thick ad deep roots help this grass to be tolerant of seasonal changes and any external challenges. The slow growing empire grass is chemical resistant so it has minimal maintenance demands. It also does not require frequent watering. 

Other popular Zoysia species of grass are;

  • El Toro which is has great tolerance to shade, drought and other external challenges. You can only grow this type of Zoysia grass by vegetative propagation.
  • Emerald is popular with gold courses. It is the fastest growing of Zoysia types and has a deep green color. This grass can only be grown with the propagation of plugs or sprigging.
  • Meyer has a great color, density and tolerance to cold, shade and foot traffic. It is possible to grow this grass in areas where warm season grasses fail to grow.

As you consider which of these Zoysia grasses to use, it is important to compare the features and properties with the outcome based on pictures of zoysia grass lawn.

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