May 15, 2018

Beginner’s Horse Jumping Tips

Whether your horse jumping goal is merely for fun or for competitions, you will need to prepare and train your horse. Training young and/or inexperienced horses to jump can be a difficult task. This is especially true because untrained horses can be unpredictable. The good news, however, is that with patience, determination, hard work, and the right horse jump designs, you can have your horsing jumping like a pro in no time.
horse jump designs
Before Starting
For proper jump training, find a large area that is well-drained and level. Avoid areas that are rocky, soggy, or have other issues that could seriously harm your horse. Furthermore, avoid saddles other than English saddles when jumping. Other saddles are uncomfortable for you and your house when they are trying to learn how to jump. You should also choose a mild bit to prevent any injuries to the horse’s mouth when they are making big leaps.

Just Getting Started
The first obstacle to train your horse on is ground poles. These poles are merely laid on the ground and you will direct your horse to ride over them. If you find your horse is a bit timid when nearing the poles, dismount and walk him over the poles multiple times until he is more comfortable. Continue to add more and more poles throughout the area for him to ride over. Once he has mastered the ground poles, position about three trotting poles, making sure they are spaced about five feet apart, for him to trot over.

Moving On
When you’re confident that your horse has mastered the beginner jump obstacles, you can move on to cross rails and gymnastic grids. Cross rails, when added with a few trotting poles, invites your horse towards the middle, which decreases the chance of him running out if he ends up drifting a bit too far to the side. A gymnastic grid helps to correct the horse’s form, all without having to do it for him. It also teaches him to wait before jumping and rock onto his hocks when ticking off for the jump.

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